2020 China Electronic Athletics Industry Annual 闵行按摩现在营业 Meeting

  Tencent Game Vice President, Tencent Eercantile General Manager Hou Wei, the senior vice president of the Perfect World Holding Group Co., Ltd. Zhao Mingyi, Netease Electricity General Manager Zhao Mingyi, the general manager of the game, the general manager of the live broadcast center, Shanghai Emily Technical Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Chen Qidong, China Culture Entertainment Industry Association Electronic Arency Branch Broadcast Hosting the representative enterprise of representative enterprises such as the vice president of the Art College, experts, experts and media representatives attended the meeting. Liu Jinhua, president of the Chinese Culture Entertainment Industry Association, pointed out: "Currently, e-sports has been officially included in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games sn品茶论坛上海 competition project, and as a new cultural industry that is booming at home and abroad, it has become the focus of the whole society.

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation spread globally. Although the epidemic situation has caused a certain impact on the development of the electricity industry, it also enlarges the advantages of electricity digital economy. The mainstream electrical competition has started online, reducing the influence of the epidemic on the industry.

At the same time, it also brought more imagination space for further integration of the electricity and digital cultural industries.

This annual meeting sets an open-active exchange of open active exchanges in the industry’s famous enterprises and industry colleagues, senior experts to explore the development opportunities of the epidemic industry, re-excavate the advantages of electrical quilty and online entertainment. As an indispensable part of the cultural industry, we hope that the electrical competition industry strictly abide by government management regulations, strengthen self-disciplined work, and use positive energy to guide the healthy development of electrical industry. "Zhu Xiaoyu, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, said in his speech:" As the national economic city, Guangzhou City made a lot of efforts to promote the development of the importer.

On the one hand, establish a sound leadership mechanism, with the support of the municipal party committee and municipal government, the relevant departments work together to promote the development of the entire electricity industry and the cause of career; on the other hand, Guangzhou will lead the development of the development of the video industry in 2019-2021. A batch of strength, strategic stability, also has national stations, international field of view of cultural and entertainment, digital entertainment companies in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Daxan District.

Guangzhou will continue to grasp new opportunities and vigorously promote the prosperity of digital cultural industries, and the prosperity of e-sports industries, and also hope that more and more excellent cultural enterprises participate in the future development of Guangzhou in the support of the industry association. "The content of this annual meeting is rich, including a number of links such as theme speeches, high-end dialogue, etc., which can be done full.

In the topic sharing, Tencent Game Vice President, Tencent Eyeler Hou Wei, Perfect World Holding Group Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President Gu Liming, Netease Electricity General Manager Zhao Mingyi, Shanghai Evan Technology Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Chen Qidong, Guangzhou Nuko Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Vice President, Vice President, Hangzhou Ai and Emperor Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. LGD Club CEO Pan Wei, Shanghai Wide Entertainment Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 哩 哔 哩 游 内容 内容 游戏 王 王 理 理 王The subject sharing, causing a hot discussion on the spot. Tencent Game Vice President, Tencent Eercantile General Manager Hou Wei shared Tencent’s development status and experience in the speech, and on how to do the electric competition, the urban development ecoasto ecology started and construction and other topics Detailed discussion.

  The senior Vice President of Perfect World Holding Group Co., Ltd. shared the perfect world’s development experience and experience in the electrical competition, and analyzed the development history, development motivation and user demand. Zhao Mingyi, general manager of NetEase, shared Netease’s experience and experience in the development and service of NetEase in his speech. The founder Chen Qi Dong, the founder of Shanghai Eshen Technology Co., Ltd., shared his views on the development status of China’s electricity industry, as well as the development direction of the future energized industry. Liang Zhenzhen, vice president of digital technology Co., Ltd., is the theme of "5G era", "5G era", how to embrace the new opportunities in the market, how to use cloud technology to help the development of VR E-sports industry 上海市水磨全套洗浴中心 Two aspects were shared. As the e-sports industry is increasingly concerned and recognized, its industrial chain is gradually improving, and the electrical club will become the most critical elements in the entire industrial chain. How can the club achieve commercial operation? Hangzhou LGD Club CEO Pan Wei departed from the experience of its own employment, sharing her thinking about the operation of the electricity club.

  The progress of the times, consumption iteration, with the young consumer group represented by "90" "00", "the content consumption has become the key points of the public," said Wang Yanyang, general manager of the Game Content and Language Center "Young The content consumption of people is shared by the topic.