Although the leaves are small, there are a lot of use (said)

  Handling small leaves, not simple things.

This requires the active active as a relevant department. It is necessary for technical means to support and update, and it is also necessary that the society is actively cooperating with autumn and winter, and the leaves have fallen. After being cleaned by the sanitation worker, where is the leave? In fact, these seemingly inconspicuous deciduous leaves have high recycling value.

In Fujian Xiamen, the leaves were cleaned, and the transfer was concentrated. After smashing, fermentation and other procedures, it will be made into fertilizers, used in urban greening; in Zhejiang Zhoushan, the dead branch and other garden waste through cut, smash, becoming the leaves Organic fertilizer, can be used as a mushroom … Various ways, both of the deciduous treatment and harmlessness, but also allow resources to be recycled.

  From the past "a burning" "a buried", it is now recycled by biodegradation, composting, etc., these explorations in deciduous treatment, reflecting some local ecological environmental philosophy. Although the leaves are small, there is a need for a number of days.

Take Beijing as an example, data shows that there are more than 5 million tons of garden green waste every year in all kinds of forest land green spaces in the city. How to scientifically handle a large amount of fallen leaves, is a problem in the development of modern urban development.

  Deciduous processing is more powerful 浦东曹路皖君足浴 and more win-win. Compared to traditional landfill, incineration method, new composting method, on the one hand, do not occupy a large amount of land, can reduce secondary pollution such as leachate and incineration, avoid hidden dangers, fire, etc.; Aspects, composting produces fertilizers, saving a lot of costs.

  In addition to centralized composting, there are still many areas that are also combined with 上海妹子自荐 practical, explore the effective fallen handling method of other functions. For example, some parks will deal with land-leaved processing, produce a scenic art exhibit, and enrich the landscape, and also guide the public to pay attention to environmental protection; some places provide habitats for small wild animals such as insects; Garbage and fallen leaves are mixed with blended fertilizers, so that the two waste advantages are complementary, accelerate the compost process.

  Handling small leaves, not simple things. This requires relevant departments to actively act as support and updates of technical means, as well as active cooperation in all walks of life.

Looking forward to more similar issues are effectively solved, and we look forward to more and more attempts. (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Sharing let more people see.