Depressed mood for some sugar? Sweets may not make you happy

Not happy? To a chocolate pie, a macaroon cookie jar or directly booze "happy fat house water (Coke)."

Today, many people believe, although sweet foods are fattening risk, but it can regulate mood, bring happiness.

However, it is not.

After a brief brings happiness, sweet foods may soon return to depressed people. Daily intake of 15 grams of sugar over the risk of depression related scientific studies show that increasing the intake of sweet drinks, may be more likely to engender depression, frustration and other negative emotions.

However, this does not mean Coke, Sprite high-sugar drinks, we do not drink one.

Data show that drinking more than two small cups of cola a day, will have a negative impact on people’s emotions, drink three cans of cola drinks a day can increase the risk of depression by 25%.

By intake of sugar analysis, sugar intake of 15 grams a day or less is not going to increase the risk of depression, but if sugar intake between 15 grams to 100 grams, so as to increase intake , it will increase the risk of depression. The results suggest that we, if the intake of 200 grams or less of yogurt a day, is not worried.

Because general, 100 grams of yogurt contains only grams of sugar was added 200 g of yogurt containing 15 g of added sugar.

Sweets bring happiness is only temporary Another study done by Japanese scholars have confirmed this. Japanese researchers in a follow-up study of one thousand three years found that drinking sweet drinks and more people every day, does increase the risk of depression. After eliminating the influence of factors such as age, gender, geographical and other researchers found that people who drank more than four cups a day one week do not drink sweet drinks compared to 1 cup of the people, the risk of depression, the former than the latter 90%.

Here, one might wonder: drink sweet drinks, sweets, really makes me feel very happy, these studies are not the causal relationship to engage in counter? Probably those who are more likely to be depressed to eat sweets and drink sweet drinks, and not drink sweet drinks, sweets people become depressed? First, the beginning of the study Japanese scholars, it is nearly a thousand respondents were depression survey, the survey they do not belong to severely depressed people.

In three years time, completely let it go and let the respondents according to previous eating habits to eat and drink, but the timing of the investigation of the respondents, and then analyze the data. After such observations 3 years, and then the performance depression and depression questionnaire respondents were analyzed, the results show – drink sweet drinks most people, depression scores also increase the most.

Secondly, the effect of short-term and long-term effects of a food may not be the same.

Eating sweets, drinking sweet drinks for people who are addicted to sweet, the moment does make it feel happy, because sweets intake increases serotonin and dopamine, can temporarily make people feel better. But the kind of food in a short time people feel happy, not be able to really help people prevent depression.

Like taking drugs will make people temporarily feel "extremely happy", but in the long run, will not give people a better state of mind or happiness.

So sweets can also be seen as a short-term "happy anesthetic" in the long run, it will reduce the body’s ability to respond to stress, reducing the regulatory capacity of the nervous system, which is not conducive to the prevention of depression. Away from a balanced diet to eat sweets for why depression may lead to depression, according to my 上海水磨休闲中心 analysis, the following 5-point reasons.

First of all, there are animal experiments show that the proportion of food in a lot of added sugar, make animal behavior increased anxiety and depression, cortisol levels rise, especially in the developmental stage of the animal after the intake of sugar will affect the hypothalamic – pituitary – development adrenal axis, the pressure regulation system is disturbed, thereby increasing the risk of depression.

Secondly, the intake of sweet drinks easily lead to obesity, and obesity itself can make the body’s ability to regulate the pressure drop.

The relationship between obesity and the risk of depression, has been confirmed by a number Institute of Science.

Again, sweet drinks can cause a disorder of glucose metabolism and insulin resistance, and 上海干磨水磨的区别 metabolic disorders can cause this type of continuous low-grade inflammation, and the release of some inflammatory cytokines will in itself increase the risk of depression.

Finally, there are found in animal experiments, the animals were fed long if a large amount of sugar feeds, will reduce the number of dendritic cells serotonin 1A receptor. Reducing the number of receptors, affects the synthesis and release of serotonin in the hypothalamus of the human body, which led to decline in the body’s ability to deal with external pressures, the mechanism for the prevention of depression is very important.

In addition, I believe that sweet foods can lead to depression Another reason is that sweet drinks will consume the body of B vitamins, vitamin B1, B6, niacin deficiency when will affect nervous system function 上海干磨水磨 and neurotransmitter balance, in turn increases the risk of depression. Therefore, a balanced diet, can help us from depression. (The author is Associate Professor of Nutrition and Food Source Food Security Department of China Agricultural University: Science rumor platform).