Du’an County held a 2021 propaganda ideological work business training course

Recently, Du’an Yao Autonomous County held a training course for the 20021 propaganda ideological work, inviting higher-level relevant departments and mainstream media senior experts to teach in the county’s system, and teach advanced publicity work concept. In the training class, experts from the relevant departments have made special training on "Strengthening Network Public Hords to Responsive Work, Effectively Maintaining Network Ideology Security".

Experts pointed out that ideology work is an extremely important task of the party, and it is related to the country’s future destiny. The problems in the current ideology field are particularly prominent on the Internet. Everyone must implement the task of maintaining network ideology security, to create a good online public opinion environment for reform and development.

The lecture combines network security theory and related cases, so that students 上海新区桑拿会所 fully understand the importance of network ideology security.

In addition, training from the mainstream media senior experts will train on the "realistic and accurate and fast-intention of video news". The meeting also conducts special training on the construction of the township civilization, sweeping the yellow and fights. Through this training, effectively improve the political level, theoretical literacy 上海杨浦四大油压会所 and business capability of all the publicity of the Du’an Guangda Propaganda, and guide you to continuously enhance the foot, eye, mental, pen force, effectively strengthen the temperament, political experience, practice exercise and professional Training, jointly assist in the work of Du’an propaganda ideology and then on the new level.

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