Entering the moment | This world is in Gu Xiangyue: sharing opportunities, create a better Chinese edge

In the "high-gloss moment" in the Expo, in Shanghai, the "World Hall living room" in Haina, Shanghai, as a member of Xinhua News Agency, the national brand project, Jiangsu, the general manager of the Yangtze River Co., Ltd., the general manager of the Yangtze River Co., Ltd., walked into the "Into the Brand Brand Dialogue" interview In terms of brand competitiveness of "Yuan" as the core, the topic of "margin" brand is interviewed. Gu Xiangyue, general manager of Jiangsu Today’s Wine Co.,青浦区赵巷浴场哪家好 Ltd., went into "Interview with the Brand Dialogue" in the Box Time Brand ", not only showed the new era of China’s deepening reform, expanded and opened, and the world sharing opportunities, and creating a beautiful firm determination and Boda’s mind, also stunning the group cooperation, strong powerful energy, this kind of China’s Chinese claims, but also a valuable ‘Chinese edge’. "Gu Xiangyue said. As a result of cultural power into productivity, Gu Xiangyue said that the cultural cultivation is rooted in the Chinese culture, and the Chinese people are the most beautiful and sincere emotions.

People, people and society, people and nature have all the relationships of "edge", the pursuit of life, the development of the company, the advancement of the country needs "edge", and better conversion to reality. This world is born, and the most differentiated performance includes two aspects of brand culture and technology innovation. In terms of brand lead, unswervingly "上海千花网mm edge" as the core, with "wine" as a carrier, shaped human culture and personalized cultural brands.

"Be big things, must be" and "there is a chance of this world, accompanying forever", winning more and more consumer souls.

In terms of innovation drive, based on the differentiation of quality advantages, the high-end quality value expression system is established.

Improve traditional industries with modern technology, and take the lead in achieving international leading intelligent brewing, becoming Chinese liquor intelligent brewing benchmarks. Through the winemaking process, the production method is innovated, and the national edge V9 Qingya sauce is found, and it has become the "Qingya Sauce Wine" Group Standard.

Cultural and technology 贵族宝贝花千坊hugs have formed a core competitiveness of this world. It is worth mentioning that there are many creative and innovations in the "edge" brand. In 2019, the "National Yuan V9" satellite launched by the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, which can be said to be amazing world.

How is this world in the world, realize the high quality development of the "edge" brand? Gu Xiangyue said that innovation is "first chess" in high quality development.

Whether it is creative or a pioneering, it is an innovative crystallization, innovation and energy determines the speed and quality of the development of the company, and innovation has always been the power source of the growth of this world.

It can be said that brand innovation saves this company in this world.

Since 1996, "Today" brand was born. By 2004, "National Gentern" brand was founded, and the company has achieved a leap of "standing up" to "rich". In 2019, the national Yuan V9 brand seized the golden track, participated in the head competition, and opened the new journey of "strong" today.

At present, the world’s wine industry has created the national festival V9 as a separate brand, the Director of the Daxie, the core plate market of the big East China, the momentum of the national affairs, foreign affairs, should, to take advantage of the country, the intersection, the focus, and focus on the highlights, Work hard to build a growth pole.

Gu Xiangyue, general manager of Jiangsu Today’s Wine Co., Ltd., accepted an interview in Gu Qixue, and high quality development should play innovation "combination". Cutting innovation is to grasp development, and seek newness is the future. For brands, we must maintain a strategic power, gather innovation factor, docking high-end resources, integrated innovation projects, and strive to build a co-innovation alliance, continue to enhance brand viscosity and toughness, highlight the core competitive advantage, and empower high quality development.

In these years, this year, I am tirelessly committed to bringing this "edge" to the world, including this year, I’ve entered Harvard University to hold a cultural exchange activities, showing the "China National Gate, the Head". So how do liquor brands expand global influence in a continuous open cooperation? Gu Qiang Yue believes that the Chinese brand is constantly moving toward the world stage, showing the cultural self-confidence of Chinese people, and created a Times. Chinese liquor condenses Dongfang wisdom, is one of the most representative liquid symbols of Chinese culture, and is also one of the most national spiritual fragrance.

Chinese liquor goes to the world, first of all, we must promote Chinese culture to the world.

Carry forward the culture of communication, promote civilized exchanges, not only to build the needs of human fate community, but also the mission of Chinese stories.

It is necessary to use international vision, with more open ideas, in dialogue and communication, let more international friends like Chinese liquor, agree with China’s "national", truly realize the brand, let the world better "" "wine, let The world is happier. "

This world is the "top ten" enterprises in China liquor listed companies.

At present, the long-term general trend of China’s economy will not change, and the large-scale market potential in China is unlimited.

In the future, how will the brand will release pounds and promote the high quality development of the company? What is the next "dream" of the edge brand? Gu Xiangyue said that in the face of the national macroeconomic continued to a good strategic opportunity, this world has established a "14th Five-Year Plan" revenue to exceed 10 million, the market value of over 100 billion.

"We will firmly develop confidence, follow the new development concept, and build a brand as a corporate primary strategy, adhere to the brand is the first assets of enterprises, and perseverely from culture, do a good deed culture. This big article is more The high level is creating a cultural brand, seizing the development focus, more highlighting differentiation, high-end, nationalized ‘three-way places’, and hit the national festival V system attack hard, K-raising war, today’s world brand activation war, province The market breakthrough battle ‘four battles’. "Gu Xiangyue said:" A brand first must be a candidate on the vote in the hand of consumers, and thus the consumer’s mind.

Our brand idea is through continuous struggle, let the brand more high, more temperature, win more and more consumers, truly let this world be the most influential cultural brand.