From October 1, 2022, 2022, September 30, 2022, Guizhou pilot marriage registration "province

From October 1 to 2022, 2022, Guizhou pilot marriage registration "province" reporter learned from the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, in order to further deepen the "venting service" reform, promote basic public services, combined Guiyang City, Zunyi City launched a pilot work in marriage registration, 上海洗浴会所论坛 decided to carry out the reform of the "provincial general" reform of the province’s resident marriage registration. The pilot from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022, and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department will adjust the pilot content and time according to the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs. According to the provincial Civil Affairs Marriage Registration, the province of the 上海浦东新茶外卖 province of the province, the implementation of the pilot work implementation plan ", and the mainland residents (departure) marriage registration will be handled by the marriage registration authority of the parties where the resident households are located and expanded to A marriage registration authority of a parties often resident in the location of the house or the registered registration authority in the province.

For men and women, the local residents of the local residents in Guizhou, can apply for the marriage registration registration registration in the location of the usual residential account or the registered marriage registration authority in the local household.

The unit resident, the active soldiers where the resident account in front of the regular households, the active soldiers in Guizhou, can handle the registration of ordinary residents in the active soldiers in front of the active soldiers, and the registered registration authority of the usual residential households or regular place of place. Junction (departure) marriage registration.

  Complete the marriage registration certificate and foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and overseas Chinese marriage registrations are still in the original way, and they are not included in the "province" pilot range.

  After the appointment of divorce registration, the divorce, the divorce, decided to handle divorce registration, should apply for the divorce registration after the exposentation of the severity of the divorce, the two sides personally approved the marriage registration authority applying for divorce registration.

  If the parties choose to apply for a junction (departure), the parties must apply for the marriage registration, and must be handled by the county-level marriage registration organs of the regular place of residence.

In addition to the issuance of the documents set out in Articles 5 and 11 of the Marriage Regulations, the parties should also submit a valid residence permit for party parties. The parties often live in the same city (state) in the same city (state), and there is no need to provide residence permit.

(Reporter Chen Long).