Forbidden to mainland 嘉定区419在哪里 products? ! The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is playing mediocrity to self-excuse (Sun Month)

  How many crazy people "will be in the DPP" Examples of the True Strun from the Taiwan authorities to investigate the continental products can be seen.

A face book in the island, "Powder", a explosive news of the news, the interval speed equipment of some tunnels in the new north, including the mainland products, the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, the transportation department of the Taiwan authorities, "Monitoring people" "seriously infringed Taiwan Information security "is waiting for horror slogans, ordered" comprehensive examination ", swear to" unclear "people all down! First put the air opinion, then it is a routine that is used for the People’s Republic of China.

The Facebook of Suspected Green Camp Net Army "Powder" has exploded, the speed system of many tunnels and roads in Taipei, New North, Taoyuan, Miaoli, Taichung, etc., is submitted by the "Dongshan Science and Technology" of the island, use The lamp head gray box and monitoring the auxiliary spherical camera are the output of the mainland "Haikang".

The "powder" claims that the operation principle of interval speeding equipment is the deployment license plate information, driving time and other trail records to calculate whether the vehicle speed is speeding, "there is a suspicion of the people".

  The Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, the "Relief Committee", Jujia, who immediately brought to an eyeball. In addition to attacking the island’s inner business, she focused on the threat of mainland products to Taiwan, "will further cause Taiwan official information and people." Personal information is improperly stolen, and even retrays the mainland "," seriously infringes "Information Security" in Taiwan. Lin Jonglong, the head of the Taiwan authorities, was immediately convene the conference and settled the board, and the manufacturer was unable to prove that the origin is non-continent, and the zero component non-mainland manufacturer must first take it. The construction site under the transportation department shall entrust the third party certificate unit to establish a verification team within 2 months, and suspended before verification. When importing US lean pork attracted the people’s top street protest, the old God of the Democratic Party was in, the whole is not very serious, how to encounter the mainland products, and the spirit of the Malaysia is a thunderstorm? There is no doubt that it is "inverse thinking" in his monsters. The beauty pig is harmful to the people, but the DPP wants to grasp the country, the people are healthy and self-enabled; the mainland products are very cheap, but the mainland resolutely contain "Taiwan independence" split, as long as there is "mainland" is the original crime, "reverse" The addicts have to pick up.

  The DPP is so excited. The counties and cities in the island are also very nervous. In almost one or two days, the speed of the speed is investigated, and the traces of the mainland manufacturing are not found.

The Taiko flag of the Taiwan authorities furtured, but he blocked it, and the picture was very happy.

But the essence of the problem is that why the Ministry of Division regardless of the price and performance of the equipment, but only whether the mainland is produced? Why do you hear the two characters of the mainland, the grass is soldier, and the people who have a lot of people are hurt. Why is it a continental product, it can be unlimited to "Taiwan Safety", and the people who are irresponsible are scared. Obviously, the Ministry of Progressive Party has serious allergies on the mainland products, 上海男士品茶 and there is serious dependence on the operation "inverse" "fear". Previously, the Ministry of Progressive Party also organized the US trade war forbidden imported mainland raw materials in the island, announced that Huawei. Mobile phones and calculators do not use mobile phones and calculators to download and connect to the mainland social networking sites and search engines … All such, their excuses is nothing more than "Taiwan Safety", even the "Double 11" shopping festival in the mainland is sought after, in the people The Party is also "security issues" in the eyes of the party.

  The nerve system of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is not laughing, and some people have satiric "I surrender, my slippers are mainland, it may have security issues.

"It’s just a driving recorder made by the mainland, or the mainland’s mobile phone is shot, is there a security issue?" "According to this standard, there may be many things can’t be used. Do you say that the entire computer is manufactured in Taiwan? "The Democratic Party strives to promote" cross-strait economy to be shock ", and Taiwan’s trade dependence on the mainland has reached the highest point of history. The situation is strong, the economic law is irreversible, the mainland products are good, Taiwan compatriots will use , Is it a political role that can stop? The Ministry of Protent Party is anti-continental products, only after all the poor performances of the vote, a farce of mediocrity.

(Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Yan Wei) Sharing let more people see.