Canton Fair was organized to support the fight against SARS action line rush to the rescue of property fight against SARS

  June 16, Guangzhou International Property Fair wisdom joint Guangzhou Property Management Association, organized the fight against SARS love business support operations, joint enterprises 上海水磨娱乐会所论坛 and member of various exhibitors, hand in hand mutual aid, a dedicated force to combat the epidemic.

  Donation site. Xinhua issued this support action to get a positive response from companies, shares of profit built, Hui noble intelligent cleaning, property and other pearl love business, to raise a total support of 30 300 surgical masks, gowns 500, 390 medical protective clothing, protective gloves 2500 fight against SARS and other materials.

  Li Yongxin, president of Guangzhou Municipal Property Management Industry Association, said, as of June 16, Guangzhou Music Association led more than 700 member units, more than 200,000 employees fought in more than 6,000 residential communities in the city, forming a near Million property volunteers, with communities to do vaccination, nucleic acid detection and closure management areas. Xia Lingxu, General Manager, Guangzhou Xuyang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that the company will give full play to the resources and integration platform functions of Guangzhou International Smart Property Expo, link various exhibitors, and make up and down all over the country, and make a copy of the prevention and control of the epidemic. Contributing, expressing a tribute to the first-line anti-vlots.

  It is reported that in 2020, the first Guangzhou Money Expo was held as scheduled, and the "property anti-disuchart 上海闵行水磨按摩工作室 zone" was specifically established, and the ordinary and greatness of the fighting millions of property fought in the community.

Xia Lingxu said that during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the Guangzhou Master Expo will also adhere to the principle of exhibitors and audience health and safety. According to the actual situation, it will preparatory work, build the epidemic prevention and control and protection, build safety, professional, high Quality industry exchange platform.