Banyan Town, Binhai County uses "five degrees" smooth letter visits

Banyan Town, Banyan Town, Banyan Town, "Five Diatures", Tour Time: 2021-11-1616: 20 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network Rule by Law Daily Full Media Reporter Ding Guofeng correspondent Liu Li Zhang Xingdong "did not expect my petition request to solve Things, I will solve it so soon! "Jiangsu, Ban Town, Banyan Town, Banhai County, Jiangsu Province.

"Five degrees" really let the people in the Ban Town petition "" Find a person, to say something, do things ". In recent years, the Ban Go Town will improve the network and let petitions have more "speed."

Divide the 虹口区油压店一条街 town, village (community), group three-level management mesh, forming the governance center as the link, based on the workstation, with the grid administrator as the outpost. Establish a mechanism to make petitions more "strength". According to the partition domain, the separation, the sub-level, the case, the case, "the case has a person management, and the part is humanized".

Integrate 上海龙凤网坛 resources and make petitions more "depth".

Hiring a mediator, establish a major difficult contradiction dispute joint mediation committee. Strengthen supervision and let petitions more "scale".

Established a letter of letters and visits to maintain special inspection teams, in-depth investigation in various villages (communities). Build a bridge and make petitions more "temperature."

In-depth development of "entering hundreds of doors, knows hundreds of love, solving hundreds of people, and warm hundred hearts", entering the door, doubt, tuned, and constantly smooth communication channels. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.