13 kinds of goods are selected "Courtesy Jilin · Tourism Product List"

13 kinds of goods were selected 爱上海水磨休闲会所 "Question Jilin · Tourism Product List" This time 上海喝茶服务vx the selected 13 items include the big beauty changing tea 上海品茶高端qq table, Ruikar-dyed art silk home, the flowers of the flower, the tea fresh tea set, Zhengguan Zhuang ZhenSource red and ginseng drink series, Ula Royal wine head, ULAN full wine pot, 榆 树 小 酒 酒 酒 礼 礼, Double-owned chess bottle.It is understood that the development of "Qi Jilin · Stimulants Consumption Potential Series" is designed to use tourism goods with consumption potential as entry point and breakthrough, and strive to create "courtesy Jilin" Wenbao consumption brand, cultivate the new travel consumption.growth point.