Country revitalizing new vitality "mushroom forest" farm boss

Qingpu Jintang Town explores the new economic model of forest, injecting new vibrant "mushrooms" in the rural resolution, "mushroom forest" farm bracketing, network red ■ The chief reporter of this newspaper Mao Guan Shengqiu’s Qingpu practice Tang Town is full of dyeing, colorful forests Under the tombs, a cluster of cute mushrooms explore the head, add a few aura for quiet and deep jungle.

In the white greenhouse, the fat mushrooms are healthy, like a wizard. Here is the Dongzhuang Village of Jiantang Town, walking into this dense water conservation forest, just like entering the fairy tale world, the moist air is mixed with the fungus-specific fragrance, the umbrella is full of mushrooms throughout the forest.

This is a "mushroom" project covering an area of ??246 mu, combining Lin Land and mushrooms and is committed to developing the economy in the forest, and will be officially opened. "With the company’s unique water source, we will continue to explore the new economy of forest economy. Green enriched.

"The leader of the project said. The so-called" forest economy "in the forefront compound win-win economy model is mainly involved in the planting of forest, the economic model of forestry, and the utilization of the forest. Creating a small environment suitable for bacteria, cultivating edible fungi.

Huangpu River water source is rich in cultivated forest resources, which has created excellent natural quality of Linxia mushroom.

In the large steamed country in Dongzhuang Village, Jintang Town, the trees have a warm shed, and the warm hooded plastic film will go in, and only one mushroom has been explored.

A few years ago, the village was introduced into Qingpu mushroom leading enterprises – Peng Shiminus industry, in 246 mu of ecological condenses, growing big ball mushrooms, red pizza, ganoderma, black fungus and other mushroom products. The 上海贵族宝贝官网 founder of the company is Peng Zhaowang, edible bacteria expert.

At the end of the 1970s, Peng Zhaowang was inventing the outer bag of mushroom rod technology, with branches, wood chips, straw and other farmers, compared to the mysteria rod, so that the mushrooms that can only grow on the rocood can also grow in the bacteria. On the stick, it is great to reduce the planting cost of mushrooms, and open the era of artificial high-yield. Today, Peng Zhaowing’s mushrooms have passed on the three generations.

In 2009, Peng Zhaowang went to Qingpu Yeong, and the water source of the large steamed port was collected by the wild edible fungus specimens. It was unique to discovering that the cultural forest is very suitable for planting edible bacteria. In this way, the root of Qingpu will develop under the forest. &上海最高档的水疗会所quot;After picking up the original ecological forest, after planting the project, I have a friend to call me, I will consult I can go to the forest.

This gives me inspiration: big forest + small mushrooms, why can’t I create a combination of farm travel? "Su Hui Min, deputy general manager of Peng Shiminus, is a" mushroom "farm integration project that integrates multi-variety of edible bacteria plants, mushrooms, leisure sightseeing, farming experience, and science education. Cheng Shanghai Countryside Truncating the trees, digging the ditch, letting the fungus of the Red Suszi flaming mushroom freely swim in the earth, let the hanging bags on the shelf, swaying the wind … After planting, "mushroom forest" gradually Mature. Here, visitors can pick the magical hanging bag fungus, you can see 上海喝茶场子 the "Ganoderma Ganoderma" that has just been explored from the dirt, you can collect the tract stick, hand-made mushroom organic fertilizer, experience the fun of personally planting. Su Hui Minimin introduced, Every detail of "mushroom" is unique. There is no construction land in the forest, and the science class can only be placed outdoors, so she prepared a movable table and chair for the children, and the table and chairs cause mushroom shape, full of childlike fun. There is also a small sandland for children to play. This transformation is not big, but it is full of wild, and it is very popular among the forests.

The most important thing is that the "Movia Forest" project has enabled surrounding farmers’ real income. Project innovation explores multi-level joint-stock system, local farmers can also share stocks.

In addition, the project requires a lot of labor to help in the peak season, with more than 50 diversion per day, please most of the local villagers, so that the villagers can achieve employment income at home. "In the past, the source of income of the forest underwater mushroom planting only has only sales of mushrooms. At present, through the integration of picked experience, science tour, etc., has increased a lot of income channels, the proportion of niperplate mushroom sales income in ‘mushfi forests The total revenue of the base is about 45%. "Su Huimin said that the project also has a positive significance for improving the urban space in the public welfare forest, the coverage of forests, the country park.

Today, the "mushroom forest" project has become a Shanghai rural tourist card, and the new vitality is injected into the country. "As a new farmer, I am very honored! I think agriculture can also be very interesting. In the future, I will build the ‘mushroom forest’ more fine, launch more fun immersive experience projects, attract more people to come Card.

Su Huimin said.

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