Guarantee the safety of the Shuangliu on the tip of the tongue Shuangliu to carry out special food regulation operations

Shuangli District law enforcement personnel focused on selling special foods in the jurisdiction.

Cool photographing People’s Network, October 15 Special food business special law enforcement actions, further standardize the order of special food in the jurisdiction, strengthen the 上海可约的微信群 legitimacy of special food sales, and resolutely crack down on illegal operation.

During this special food business special law enforcement, law enforcement personnel focused on selling special foods (infant formula milk powder, health food, special medical use formula products, other formula milk powder) in the jurisdiction, whether the supermarket did "Bright brightness" operation; whether the special food is operated; whether special food is sold with ordinary food partition (or division) counter; whether there is false or exaggerated publicity in business places and product packaging; Whether the product indicates attributes. Law enforcement inspections for special foods discovered in the inspection process, the "health food sales area (counter)" identification card found in the white words, the 爱上海同城对对碰419 price label marked, the price label is not perfect, purchase purchase desk account Record irregularity, etc.

At the same time, law enforcement inspections further promote special food science knowledge to merchants, practitioners, consumers, and people, remind consumers scientific judgment, correct identification, rational purchase, reasonably consumer special food.

Special food business special law enforcement actions, accumulated 156 people, inspect 108 special food business units, ordered to rectify 15. The relevant person in charge of the Shuangliu District Market Supervision Bureau of Chengdu said that the next step will continue to focus on the principle of supervision and inspection and on-site guidance, strict standards and propaganda guidance, strengthen the daily law enforcement supervision of 虹口油压店 special food business units, paying attention to the issue of inspection, further supervision The principal responsibility of special food operators is implemented, and the consumer’s shopping experience and satisfaction is continuously enhanced, and the food safety and physical health of the broad masses of the people are effectively guaranteed to escort in Chengdu to create a national food safety demonstration city.

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