Documentary "Yuelu Academy" tells historical and cultures with modern breath 魔都龙凤

The picture shows the documentary "Yuelu College" stills.

Not long ago, the 6th episode "Yuelu Academy" broadcast in Hunan Satellite TV and received attention.

"No matter what setbacks and glory, I always insist on reversing, sad, but I am so happy, I will be born to death, and I am willing to die." This is the "Yuelu Academy" to the Chinese spirit. The highest prophet. The film discusses the important position in the history of Yuelu College in China, revealing the root of the Chinese civilization, the end of the Chinese civilization, and the end of the Chinese civilization. "Yuelu Academy" selected a high starting point.

Documentary is not only intended to lead the audience to enjoy the cultural relics, people fun, and more hope to enter a grand historical scene through these details, showing the derivatives of Chinese thinking history. Since the beginning of the Song Dynasty, the history of ancient Chinese ideology experienced the important thinking trend of Song Agency, Ming Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and Qing Dynasty. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the history of modern Chinese ideology has experienced the baptism of the exquisite exercise, reinforcement, new cultural movement, and then embarked on the road of Marxism. The history of thought is relatively abstract, and the film and television is difficult. In general, the documentary mainly has three types of explanation, literature, reproduction. "Yuelu Academy" restores historical scenes from visual sensory experience, with refined language, rich content, beautiful images, so that ordinary audience can understand the development of China’s thoughts from the story of a college, so that Gao Ji has a solid and vivid Render. "Yuelu Academy" is ingenious, especially the character’s story is far-reaching. The college system is formed in the Song Dynasty, premiead Qin and private schools, Han Dynasty, and Wei Jin Xuan, Sui and Tang Zen’s education system and thought, so it became a model of traditional Chinese education. One of the four colleges in the Song Dynasty, Yuelu Academy, extension to the Qing Dynasty, still the most influential college at the time, can be seen as a model of traditional Chinese colleges. The documentary is linked to the different characters of a small courtyard, and the important historical changes in China have changed, and the important ideological changes in China after China. For example, through some historical figures, the opening of China’s ideological culture is displayed: the second quarter purchases Confucian classics, reflects and different cultural inclusive; the late Qingyuan, Zeng Guofan "teacher Yi Team", promoting China’s modernization step.

The modern transformation of Chinese civilization is a complex process. The "Yuelu Academy" is to objectively restore, rather than simply concluding, such as the relationship between Yuelu College and Time School, Wang Xianqian and Liang Qichao.

Although the documentary tells the history of the millennium, the historical figures of these vibration history and the 上海普陀区夜生活论坛 story of Yuelu Academy often happen in the youth of their students, so many scene pictures are full of youthful breath, which reflects that Yuelu Academy has continued to run schools. Vitality, also the appearance of ancient and long and new Chinese civilization. Film is a comprehensive art that requires a wide range of historical time and space with concentrated artistic time and space.

The film will focus on the historical events of Yuelu Academy, and the characters are integrated together, focus theme, extended vision, refining connotation, is an excellent documentary integrating ideological, artistic and innovative.

It has completed the artistic form of documentary, completed an exploration of China’s ideological culture, vividly showing the inherent laws and civilization trends of a grand history, and 上海九亭300全套群 it is very rare to stimulate the interest of ordinary audiences.

China’s excellent traditional culture is profound, creating a historical and cultural documentary, serious, and respectful is the most correct attitude. Yuelu Academy is not only a fresh cultural business card in Hunan, but also a microcosm of the Chinese civilization. We want more, better excavate, comb, show the extent of China’s excellent traditional culture, make it achieved creative transformation, innovative development. Documentary "Yuelu Academy" is a vivid case.

(The author is a professor of Yuelu Academy, Hunan University, Dean of the National Research Institute (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.