Guangdong drama row as an exhibition played a 12-member group actor

"2021 Guangdong Opera, Guangdong Drama Walk, Exhibition" Site Xu 上海品茶打卡地 Jiamei Photo News, November 18th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) "2021 Guangdong Opera" Museum small theater is held.

Two days, four good play, wonderful, so that the local audience is full of fun.

  In the end, the end is ugly, play bitterness; orchestra, the bamboo piano, playing the world.

Since ancient times, it is a fundamental characteristic of Chinese traditional drama, and is also the core sign of the drama art in other drama styles. Inheriting the promotion of the excellent traditional culture, revitalizing the drama art, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, the Guangdong Art Research Institute planned, "Yue Opera, Guangdong Drama Bank as a exhibition" brand, by putting the same operation same in the province The actors focus on the way they are competitive, 上海同城交友微信群 enhance the concept of travel, and provide exercise and display for excellent drama talents. The exhibition covers the Cantonese opera, the drama, Guangdong Hand opera, Xinqin Opera, White Drama, Zhengwang, Lei Ou 7 major drama, with net row, Dan Dynasty, is a center, from Guangdong Province 15 professional hospital groups 40 Name net, Sandan actors, bring the audience "Zhong Wei Marriage", "Bayi Bai Ji", "White Snake, Tricks", "Tour", "Ma Wu Jin Jin Tile", "Li Wei, Lower Mountain", Zhengwang Opera " Zhang Fei returned home ", the classic repertoires such as the Xiqin Opera" 铡 美 case ". Many repertoire performance skills are unique, rare, reflecting the current performance of this drama.

  The show invited performance artists and 长宁区419娱乐会所 experts in Guangdong Province to serve as the judges, two lines of each selection of 10 best actors, awarded the "Top Ten Swift" title, and issued a honorary certificate. (End) Article Source: 中 新 网 自 作者 | |: 景 编 | 编: 张 祝 华.