Hanzhong launched long-term nursing insurance national pilot

Original title: Hanzhong launched long-term 爱上海419论坛 nursing insurance national pilot this newspaper (Reporter Gao Zhenbo) reporter learned from the Hanzhong Medical Protection Bureau: From this year, Hanzhong launched a long-term nursing insurance country pilot work, two years.

Hanzhong is the only city that participates in this pilot in the province. Long-term nursing insurance insured subjects are the basic medical insurance personnel of employees in 爱上海shlf419洗浴 Hanzhong.

If you reach severe malignant standards, you can enjoy long-term care insurance.

The long-term nursing insurance fund financing standards for employees is tentative for 100 yuan per person.

Among them, the personal payment is 50 yuan, the unit pays 30 yuan, and the financial subsidy is 20 yuan. Differential insured personnel meet the basic life care and related medical care fees, according to medical institutions not more than 1200 yuan / month, the nursing of pension service does not exceed 1100 yuan / month, the protocol service agency is not more than 800 yuan / Month, home independent care should not exceed 450 yuan / month.

At present, the supporting system of "Hanzhong City, Changzhou Nursing Insurance Implementation", "Hanzhong City, Changzhou Nursing Insurance Distributed Evaluation Management Measures" has been developed. At the same time, Hanzhong introduced two commercial insurance companies to participate in the undertaking of long-term nursing insurance.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).