Hainan set up an innovative laboratory explore the "Hainan Molution"

Unveiling ceremony site.

The organizer is mapped by the People’s Network Haikou October 21 (Fan Hun Di) October 21, the risk management and emergency management seminars and innovative laboratory were held at Haikou. The seminar was hosted by Hainan Provincial Emergency Management Office, the provincial government, the Provincial Department of Finance Department, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Local Financial Regulatory Bureau, the Hainan Silver Insurance Bureau, China Sergantist Association, China People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd., China Reinsurance Group ( Referring abbreviated as "re-") That is the relevant person in charge and expert participation in the relevant person in charge and experts. Innovation, scientific and technological empowerment, financial innovation, and representatives, to discuss the cooperation and linkage mechanism of emergency and insurance (reinsurance), and believe that there is a demand for natural 上海普陀区桑拿水磨 disasters in Hainan’s self-trade-out construction background and Hainan Island. , There is a condition, and there is also a strong will wish to change the current single disaster management and assistance model, incorporate insurance into the disaster rescue and emergency management system, explore the "Hainan Solutions" in which huge disaster risk management, and then enhance the modernization of Hainan risk 上海水磨娱乐会所地址 governance system and governance level.

According to reports, in order to promote the innovation of huge disasters, the China Bank will strengthen the close relationship between enterprises and government emergency management agencies from the innovation, risk management model innovation, strengthen the top floor design and optimization of risk dispersion mechanism. Cooperation; China’s earthquake-making model has developed independent intellectual property rights, China’s earthquake-making model, is promoting typhoon ulty of Hainan localized application, building Hainan typhoon risk management and promotion of ulty Innovative digitization foundation.

After the unveiling ceremony of the Risk Management and Emergency Management Innovation Lab, Hainan Provincial Emergency Management Office, China People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Hainan Branch, China Risk Management Co., Ltd. signed an innovative laboratory framework cooperation agreement, hired China Wang Hehe, Vice President of the Actuary Association, is director of the laboratory.

The construction of the laboratory is driven by the demand, with the problem-oriented, according to the scientific rigorous, the principle of ensuring the effectiveness of the grassroots disaster defense capacity evaluation system, improve the evaluation criteria of grassroots disaster defense system, using the policy advantage of Hainan Free Trade Port, around the big disaster Insurance system construction, jointly promoting the landing technology and research results in Hainan, and provides rejuvenating experience and model for domestic and even other developing countries. It is understood that the signing of the three parties will promote emergency management science and technology and modernization from the three aspects of innovation laboratories: the construction of core technical system, joint professional institutions to carry out disaster mechanism and disaster prevention research; It is an optimized disaster risk financial system to form a multi-level risk dispersion channel, increase the reinsurance supply, explore the transfer and decentralization ability of the risk, and promote the transfer of the risk of disaster risk management, and incorporate insurance into Hainan disaster rescue. And the emergency management system, promote the in-depth participation in disaster prevention, fund raising, post-disaster compensation, restore reconstruction, better response to the social and economic development and extreme disaster incidents.

Li Dongyu, deputy secretary general of Hainan Provincial Government, Hainan Provincial Emergency Management Office, Battel, Vice President of China Sergantist Association, Wang He, China Prototors Association, Demonstration, Executive Vice President, Demonstration, Middle and Re-Time Disaster Management Company Key and the like attended this meeting.

Tasting insurance: refers to the risk of huge property losses and casualties, due to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, floods, may result in huge property losses and serious casualties. (Editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client download.