Still being moved by "Song Yunhui" (from the sound of the scene)

Regardless of 1992 or 2020, people always have a good expectation – I hope to bid farewell to the old days and worry, I hope to welcome new hopes.

The TV series "Dajiang Da River 2" Song Yunhui is not this. If the first part of the TV series "Dajiang Da River", the theme of Song Yunhui’s story is to change the fate, then in the second part, his story theme does not live up to this era.

Compared with the first part, I felt the growth of Song Yunhui. There are aged changes in this, there is also a mentality that has been accompanied by a living environment and working environment. He is more focused on the knowledge and technical level, and the second part of him faces more tests and challenges.

Shaping the biggest difficulty of this role in Song Shihui is the difficulty of this role itself. I understand that people in that age, especially the intellectuals such as Song Yunhui, no matter whether the action is still emotional, there will be great fluctuations. Therefore, in the shape of the role, I am more important to highlight him, and steadily. He talks, his movements, specialty and emotions, I have made corresponding treatment, especially after he served as the factory.

In the line of Song Shihui, there is a large number of chemical professional terms, which must be clear, but also allow the audience to hear, and it is a test.

Many friends say that I like to watch Song Yunhui and the opponent’s opponent’s opponent, the sparks are long and a long taste. At the beginning, everyone feels that Song Yunhui and the relationship between the Director of the Road is a bit hostile, and the flavor is relatively strong. With the development of the plot, everyone slowly discovered that they belong to the kind of friend who did not know, it was originally a way. It’s just that the position of the road division is not the same as Song Shihui. They look at the problem of different angles, but the initial heart is consistent, so the last became a peer. From Jinzhou to the East China Sea, in the face of complex person relationships, Song Yunhui has been adjusting its state.

I know the world, I will not be the world, and I have a slender, I like to grow in Song Yunhui.

I have also growing in performances.

From the initial entry, I hope to have a play. I hope to have a good play, and now, I hope to shoot the play I want to shoot. Different in life stages, the pursuit is different, the mentality will be different. But less shooting, it is my strict requirements for myself, I believe it is also the responsibility of the audience.

Many people say that Song Yunhui is "Song Yunhui who can’t fight", witnessing him from confused, 惆怅 and pain moments once again.

And the reason why he will not be easily knocked down because it has a very precious quality of the forerunner of the times – Toughness, never give up. The audience of different ages, even if there is no young person who has experienced that era, I still feel blood for Song Yunhui, find resonance, just because the "Dajiang Big River" is concentrated is a hardship spirit of the times. The kind of struggle spirit in the play is not afraid of hardships, dare to fight hard, whether in the past or today, it is difficult. (The author is an actor).