Using Marxism Answers a major topic

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stated that in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, "China’s Communist Party can, why is Chinese characteristic socialism, and it is because of Marxism! Where is the Marxism?Just in the birth of Marxism, pay close attention to the major topics made by the age and practice.

  Marxism is to guide us to transform the subjective world, and the powerful ideological weapons that correctly analyze the problem are first to correctly understand the objective world, transform the subjective world, which is inseparable from the guidance of scientific theory. The basic function of theory is to explain the world and reveal the essence and development of social development. The reason for Marxism is distinguished from the "mismatis" of the shape. It has first crashed into the natural world, human society, human thinking development, revealing the transformation of capitalist society to socialism and communism society. Objective law, and indicated the historical conditions and historical mission of the proletariat to completely liberated, in order to achieve the road to achieve the freedom and liberation of all humanity.

  Marxist scientific, truth is fully inspected in history in modern China.

In modern times, China has faced two biggest problems. First, they are striving for national independence and people’s liberation. Second, the country’s prosperity and prosperity are rich and happy. In order to solve these two questions, countless benevolence scholars have conducted hard exploration, Taiping Heavenly Sports, Western Affairs, Wenshun Reform, Yihe Movement, and the Revolution of the 1911, can’t find the answer. The eyes of China’s advanced intellectuals began to turn to Russia and turned to Marxism.

Mao Zedong said: "If you want to treat Marxism as a tool, there is no mystery, because it is unique, other tools are not suitable. Bi-class materialism is not used, only Marx’s historical materialism is the dialectical materialism, the use of society The problem becomes historical materialism and is only used.

"Marxism can answer China’s two historical issues, is the best weapon for China’s national conditions.

  Marxism is to guide us to transform the objective world, and correctly solve the problem. Marx pointed out in the "Outline of Fairbach": "Philosophers just explained the world in different ways, and the problem is to change the world." Marx Missing not only staying in a scientific theory, its fundamental purpose is to transform the world.

Marxism is not a learning in Book, but in order to change the people’s historical fate.

Marxism is a strong ideological weapon that is correctly solved. Once you have mastered by the people, you can help the people to grasp the essence and law of things through surface phenomenon, and improve the ability to control contradictions and analyze the problem.

Through the practice of the people, the theory turned into a substance for transforming the objective world, and Marxism turned into a vigorous exercise by the thoughts in the book. Under the guidance of Marxism, the Chinese revolution, the construction, and the reform, successfully solved the two historical issues of striving for national independence and people’s liberation, and the prosperity of the country’s prosperity and the rich and happy and happy happiness. The Chinese Communist Party was born under the guidance of Marxism. The Chinese Communists who made Mao Zedong as the main representative of the Chinese Communist Party ‘s practical and successfully solved a series of important issues such as the Chinese revolutionary road, direction, goal, etc. The three mountains have established the People’s Republic of China, which has achieved the victory of the new democratic revolution, solved the historical issues of the national independence and the liberation of the people. Since the reform and opening up, under the guidance of Marxism, the Communist Party of China has been united to lead the people to build a new new path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Under the new era, under the guidance of Marxism, the Communist Party of China has led the people to achieve the first hundred years of struggle. The Chinese nation ushered in the strength of the slam, and the great leap of the rich.

  Marxism is constantly exploring the problem of solving new practices, always standing at the beginning of the theory of Marxism in the times, our party is the problem of solving the theoretical issues and practical issues of the Chinese revolution, and closely combines Marxism and practice, and continuously carry out new theory creation. . Engels pointed out: "Marx’s entire world is not a teachings, but the method.

It is not a ready-made dogma, but a further study point and a method for this study. "The development of society is harmonious, and the practice is not ended. Theoretical innovation has not stopped, and the old problem is solved. Mao Zedong pointed out:" To study Marxism Leninism, to make Marxism-Leninism The theory and the actual movement of the Chinese revolution is to find a position from it to solve the theoretical issues and strategic issues of the Chinese revolution, find a view, find a method.

"Seeking truth from facts is the essence of Marxism. We must always adhere to truth from facts, using Marxist position, opinion and method to analyze and solve practical problems, and constantly enrich and develop Marxism.

  Xi Jinping’s new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking is the latest outcome of Marxism answered the era, and is the Marxism, the 21st century Marxism.

Entering the new era, the risk challenges facing my country have produced a large number of deep complex reality.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Adhere to Marxism, Adhere to Socialism, must have a development point of view, must be based on the actual problems of my country’s reform and opening up and modernization, focusing on the theory of Marxism I’m focusing on the theoretical thinking of practical problems, focusing on new practices and new development.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping put Marxism as the homework, the major problems faced by the practice, the key issue, insights the development trend, grasping the development law, calm response, accurate policy, and provides new ideas for solving problems. (The author is the special researcher of the Secretary of the Maxist College of Marxism, Hunan Province, China.