The world’s most suitable roads for the national conditions have developed themselves, and bring more opportunities to the world – former Hungary Prime Minister Maijie to talk about the CPC’s 100-year-old and China’s development achievements

  Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, April 24th, "I think the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the most socialist system of Chinese characteristics is best for China’s national conditions, and will ensure that China will continue to develop in the future," Hungary Prime Minister Mia Jieh, Peter Budapest is said to have an interview with Xinhua News Agency. Since 1987, Maijie was invited to visit China several times, and he had been paying attention to China’s development.

"I have to congratulate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, this is very strong in this year," Maijie said, "China has developed very rapidly in recent years, China’s development is not only conducive to the Chinese people, but also created for the world. Market and investment opportunities.

"" With continued coherent development concepts and is good at innovation, it is the key to the Chinese Communist Party to maintain a strong vitality and vitality.

Mai Jie said.

  China ‘s offensive victory has achieved comprehensive victory, completing the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty. This great achievement has always been concerned about China’s poverty reduction issues.

He said: "The quality of life of the Chinese people has great improvement, I think this is very important.

"In December last year, Maijie attended the human poverty reduction experience in Beijing through a video manner.

In the view of Maijie, China’s poverty reduction practice is "economic growth, social stability and harmony development". The key to success is to set up objectives, long-term planning, and implement it. Mai Jie also expressed its appreciation for the achievements of China’s new crown epidemic prevention and control. He said that China’s vast, many people have many people, and the difficulty in preventive and control is very difficult. "I think the key to China’s epidemic prevention and control is that the Chinese government is organized, and the people are very self-disciplined, and the Chinese government is also committed to promoting international cultural affaise cooperation." Mai Jie said, China’s success is an example for developing countries. It is to unite struggle under existing resources, it is necessary to work hard and have a good leadership.

  In the view of Maijie, President Xi Jinping has a clear view of China’s development and the relationship between China and the world.

"President Xi Jinping brings a new way of thinking for the world.

"Mai Jie has very much agrees that Xi Jinping’s president’s concept of human fate community, thinks that this concept is far-reaching.

He said: "The various global challenges facing today are very serious, international cooperation and multilateralism are the basic principles of global work in handling challenges.

"Mai Jie is actively promoting the Hungarian exchange during 2002 to 2004, and the Hungarian Bilingual School established under his advocacy is a Hungary youth learning Chinese and understands important platforms in Chinese culture.

Mai Jie said that Hungarian is willing to build a bridge for China and EU exchange. I believe that under the joint support of both parties, Hungary will cultivate more Hungary builders and successors. Total plan: Zhou Zongmin planning: Chen Yizheng Xia Yong Poster Design: Yang Yizhen Editor: Wang Zhao Wang Xiaomei Ban Weili Wang Jiansheng Li Xuemei Wang Sixixinhua News Department Xinhuanet Photography Department jointly produced Xinhua News Agency International Transfer Fusion Platform.