The 15th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity will hold a high-level meeting today.

  The 15th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity Today (12th) will hold a high-level meeting, leaders summit and ministerial plenary conference. The parties concerned, expecting this conference to form a clear policy direction of biodiversity protection.

  The total station CCTV reporter Zhao Shuguang: Currently, global biodiversity protection is facing severe challenges.

This conference will plan a blueprint for future global biodiversity governance. Many participants said that the expectation of the meeting can conjugate consensus, and promote all parties to achieve a common goal on global biodiversity protection.

  Schroda, Professor, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Central University for Nationalities: Biodiversity Protection Convention, Protection, Protection, Sustainable Utilization of Biological Resources, as well as fairness and fair sharing. Can you better protect (biodiversity), depending on the third goal can not be realized, it is a development country that has been hope.

  Yang Zhengquan, President of the Party Secretary of Yunnan Social Sciences: I believe that through this conference, it will advocate green water in the world, the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, advocate the common construction of the natural life community, human fate community, advocacy Ecological priority, a human development model of a person and natural harmony, which will become all human, global consensus.

  Sheng Shengji, Kunming Plant Institute, Kunming Institute of Botani, China: The protection of biodiversity is a common fate of human beings, so it is very difficult to develop 2030 goals, but they must do it again.

  Ingng Anderson, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program: (this conference) is a very ambitious but very clear agreement for the biodiversity framework after 2020.

This means funding, technical support and ambition.

At the same time, we hope that there is a milestone in 2030 and 2050.

  (TCA CCTV reporter Zhu Jiang Yi Du Guang Zhang Yongxiang Zhang Cheng Li Hui Zhenhua).