The 18th China-ASEAN Expo, the total investment of 7 projects, the total investment of 7 billion yuan

At the 18th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Guangxi Huanjiang Gannan Autonomous County was on September 10, and the September 11 September 11 Hechi Investment Cooperation Conference and Special Signing Ceremony The introduction of 7 projects, total investment of 3.4 billion yuan. It is understood that six projects signed in this signing ceremony involve new energy, smart cities, tourism, agriculture and other fields. Guangxi Jiangyuan Silk Technology Industrial Park Construction Project, Cooperative Jiangsu Xinyuan Silk Group Co., Ltd. Total investment of 500 million yuan; Huanjiang Gongnan Autonomous County Smart City Construction Project, Partner CITIC Digital Media Network Co., Ltd. Investing 200 million yuan; Huanjiang static transportation engineering project, cooperative Hangzhou Haikang Wei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd., total investment of 1.5 billion yuan; rare earth high-speed aluminum alloy cable production project, partner Guangdong Freezing Guang Technology Co., Ltd., total investment of 500 million yuan. (Yuxiang, Shu Jingran).