Shijiazhuang: Deepening the Tax Police Collaboration Synthetic Combat Center results

People’s Daily Weiner Shijiazhuang is on August 20th, and 110 cases of the criminal suspect, and the tax loss is 87.94 million; successfully launched 5 national cluster campaign, completed 53 foreign hit mission; clean-out The standard should be 128. In the final warring center of Shijiazhuang City, the Synthesis Competition Center of the Tax Violation Crimes, deepening the tax police collaboration and effective.

Shijiazhuang City Combating the Tax Violation Crime Dataization Synthesis Synthesis Synthesis Synthesis August 20, on August 20, 2020, it was established in the Shijiazhuang City Taxation Bureau, which is the first national capital city.

Under the leadership of the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Taxation Bureau and the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, actively promote prevention, the center deepens the expansion of tax police collaboration, cooperates, and maintains taxation, rectifying and regulating tax order, and safeguarding national tax safety Provide powerful support.

Since the establishment of the Synthetic Combat Center, through the enhancement personnel equipped with hardware equipments, build data platforms, implement the personnel synthesis, data synthesis, functional synthesis, and further optimize law enforcement methods, and strengthen combined strike.

A series of special actions such as "lightning" "flashing" "strike the defrauding tax", strengthen the clues and research, pay attention to the full chain blow.

With the strong support of the tax department, relying on the combined data analysis advantage of the synthetic combat center tax police, excellent results in the Piloting the Ministry of Public Security, practical exercise. In the Hebei Provincial Tax Bureau, the Red Blue Dynamic Fair, which is jointly carried out by the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the Red Brigade, Xingtai, Langfang as the Blue Team, which is the Blue Brigade, and Xingtai, Langfang is the blue team. 1084 companies conducted research and analysis, in a month, the synthetic combat center analyzes data billions, penetrates more than 6,000 households, and constructs 4 models, 2 refining technical combat methods, and 118 cases involved. Lock 396 accounts involved.

At the beginning of this year, the Synthetic Combat Center found a major suspect in a company in data monitoring. According to the rapid settlement group according to the clues, only 5 days, the gang structure, overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, combing the judgment data 6400 10,000, fixed criminal evidence, and 4 criminal suspects, successfully cracked the first national tax-added value-added tax electronic special invoice case, received the full affirmation of the State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Public Security and the provincial party committee.

The case is the first-rate tax-related case of the public security and tax departments to start the rapid response mechanism, showing the advantages of "quick investment, speed" "investigation, co-organizer", and block the virtual open electronic ticket in the future Dismissal, combating new illegal crimes in the tax-related fields. It is understood that the two departments of the tax police will further increase the efforts of the tax-related crime, deepen the function of tax police contact mechanism, and strive to build solidization, synthesis, and normalize the tax-related crimes, and strive to maintain the maintenance. Economic tax order and social fairness and justice make new and greater contributions.

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