Shaanxi sends a shift in Snow Tour

Recently, Shaanxi Province ushered in the first snowfall in 2020, in order to effectively affect bad weather, November 23, Shaanxi Section and Transmission Engineering Co., Ltd. quickly launched emergency response, anti-ice patrol on the line, To ensure the security of the power grid, the power supply continues to be reliable. For winter continuous rain and snow weather, Shaanxi sent electric transmission and power inspection branch, Shangluobao station, according to the peak winter activities, carefully arranged, actively responded, the first time organized inspector of the defenders 5 roads to 330 kV line equipment Rain and snow weather is crucial to investigate, and focus on combing easy-to-loafen segments and rod towers.

Combining the experience of anti-ice special patrol over the years, the transmission and transportation inspection branch prepares in advance, and grasping the work.

Developed a special patrol plan for the skating and ice disaster in advance, clarify the safety responsibilities, clean the trees outside the ice line passage, prevent ultra-high tree bamboo from increasing the ice and snow, endanger the safety operation, and eliminate the increase of wires to increase the arc of the wire Hidden dangers in the safe distance of tree bamboo. At the same time, strengthen communication with local meteorological sectors, timely understand and master climate change, and arrange the "look back" on the line of ice.

It is understood that the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of 7 free-free and ice-free zone and the key seven lines involved in 7 lines, and the patrol rod tower is 158 yards.

Most lines are located in the mountains, the weather is cold, the road is difficult, and the inspector is not given up. Seriously check each base tower, each of the wires, carefully observe the wires without ice phenomenon and do a good job record, timely elimination The defects found in the patrol are solid to ensure safe operation of the line under special weather.

(Local Contributed Han Wenliang Zhu Wenxi) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingku).