The city’s private business forum held Wang Xi attended and spoke

Qing Wang Xi stressed that construction of the new pro-business relations and strive to build a first-class business environment to accelerate and promote high-quality city’s private economic development Ding Wei presided over the December 8 morning session Yan fifty-one attended the meeting, the city’s private enterprises in the city’s private enterprises discussion forum It will be held.

Party Secretary Wang Xi attended the meeting. He stressed the need to fully implement the spirit of the Tenth Party Congress the Sixth Plenary Session and ninth provinces, two always adhere unswervingly to build new pro clear political and business relations, and strive to build a first-class business environment, accelerate the promotion of the city’s private high-quality economic development. Mayor Ding Wei presided over the meeting.

City Committee Chairman Yan fifty-one attended the meeting. At the meeting, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Li Jiegang Bulletin 2021 economic performance. Minister of Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Xu Honglin informed the participants of the problem before companies, business associations and suggestions will be handling the situation. Gimhae Oil Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Chuanpeng, Hongxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Wang Aijun, in Qinxing Long Investment Holdings Limited chairman Tian Chungang, Kangtai Medical Systems Co., Ltd., Hu Kun, COSCO (French Riviera) general manager Zhang Yan, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Qinhuangdao City in Jiangsu Huahong Sheng, special assistant to the chairman Niexiao Li Zhen Ding Technology Group, Hebei-Hong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. chairman Pan Hong book eight entrepreneurs who have spoken, I will introduce the good results obtained by the enterprise, the industry on this Qinhuangdao development areas and put forward a series of constructive opinions and suggestions expressed rooted in Qinhuangdao, Qinhuangdao sincere feelings of construction, demonstrated the valuable entrepreneurial spirit, superb management level and respectable sense of social responsibility.

Wang Xi stressed the need to unswervingly take the road of development of high-quality, first-class international tourism to become the main force of urban construction. Accelerate the construction of first-class international tourist city, private enterprises both participants also builders, both devotees also a beneficiary, entrepreneurs should be based on Qinhuangdao regional advantages, environmental advantages, the policy advantages, around fostering the growth of life and health, sports tourism, auto parts , electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, foodstuff processing, new materials and other characteristics of leading industries, seize opportunities, and promote the development of high-quality companies.

To strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in research, to strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes to promote the key core technology breakthrough innovation, take the new special expertise development.

To actively integrate into the industrial chain, focused on the extension of the complementary strand chain strong chain, to play the advantages of business investment, the cooperation around the upstream and downstream products, the formation of interactive development of medium and small enterprises, cluster development, integration and development pattern.

Wang Xi requirements, we must unswervingly pro-clear to build new business relations, and earnestly hope to solve business problems as trouble unhappy bid to optimize the business environment.

Good service for the enterprise is the duty of the government party committees, party committees and governments of private enterprises require good service for granted. Departments at all levels should bear in mind that private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own people, a timely response to business concerns, follow the law in accordance with regulations, heart and soul force to help solve practical difficulties and problems, help enterprises bigger and stronger and better, and the majority of private entrepreneurs work together to create a first-class international tourist city construction of a new situation. Ding stressed, conscientiously implement the private enterprise deployment requirements of this forum, the initiative served as a strengthening aid package together, strengthen communication docking, implement the benefits of enterprise policy, a good business development staff, for enterprises, stronger bigger and create a favorable environment for development. We hope that the new development concept entrepreneur tree firmly maintain high-spirited, energetic and promising state of mind, encourage enterprises to achieve green development, innovation and development, quality development, accelerate the construction of first-class international tourist city to play a greater role.

City leaders Chen Yuguo, Lian Ru Yan, Li Zhenping, Fan Haitao, high sunny, Guo Jianping, Li Guoqiang attended the meeting.

Focus Province fourth inspection team leader Sun Zhiying invited to the meeting.

(Reporter Li Nan).