Struggling a hundred years road to set sailing journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 mark "Dynasty" Cui Daozhi: He uses the legend of "Fire"

  Xinhua News Agency, July 26, July: Trace "Dynasty" Cui Daozhi: He uses "Fire-eye Jin Yizhi" to write the legendary Xinhua News Agency Liang Shubin, which is a legend, repeatedly breaks the surprise case, and inspects 7,000 pieces of traces, no One mistake; he is a benchmark, the loyalty to the party, infiltrates to every case, never loses his name.

  He is the "July One Medal" winner Cui Daozhi.

From the old people from the old Chinese food, food, the new China’s chief trace inspection expert, the 87-year-old Cui Dao plant, deeply grateful to the party and the people: "As long as my eyes can see, the legs can move, I will be the party. The criminal investigation cause work to the last moment! "This is the" July 1 Medal "winner Cui Daozhi (photo on June 29). Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Hui took the "Dinghai God Needle" [a shell, detected the national "Bai Baoshan case"] "I have been in the case, and I will collect a variety of bullets in the case. These experiences are collected in the case. I will send a big use. "Cui Daozhi said. With superior skills, multi-year actual experience and rigorous style, Cui Dao is a pair of "flaming gold", which is recognized as "Ding Haimen" identified as traces of China’s police bilies. Attacking the military police, holding a gun robbery … "Bai Baoshan Case" has shocked the country.

In 1996 and 1997, Beijing and Xinjiang had a gun case, except for several warheads and shells remaining on the spot.

The case is fascinating, and the society is fearful.

  The Ministry of Public Security rushed to Urumqi.

  As one of the earliest experts in China’s research, Cui Daozhi, discerning the slice of the shell and the warhead, and practiced the unique "trick". For the housing and warheads left behind the case, Cui Daozhi repeatedly called the light-racing angle, and studied a day, finally, he found a small horizontal line in the lower right corner of the shell shell. This is the trace left by the "Bayi" rifle launched bullet. This discovery allows the case to detect peak circuit. Cui Daozhi and colleagues finally concluded: Beijing, Xinjiang’s shells were launched for the same rifle, and the two places should be investigated. The suspect is probably a prisoner who was sent to Xinjiang after a crime in Beijing. The situation of the suspect Baibaohan is fully consistent with the judgment of criminal investigation experts, and the case is finally broken.

  ["Cui Daozhi" three words, becoming a first-line criminal police "Dingxin Pill"] "He can let the troublesome certificate to see the cloud, let the suspension, the standard case is dead!" Cui Daozhi’s colleagues evaluated him like this. When there is a case or a tricky problem, it is difficult to break through, a "please Cui Daozhi", become a "fixed pill" of the first-line criminal police.

  In 2002, the two of Heilongjiang Province were killed in the family. On the spot, only the lower half of the blood, and many authoritative appraisal organs have been "less profit, there is less, and there is no specific conditions". The local police helpless Cui Daoqing for help. The trace image processing system for studying this half a blood fingerprint was repaired.

After repeated observation, it was determined that the evidence of the suspects at the time was insufficient. After investigation, the local police provided him with dozens of suspects fingerprint. Cui Daozhi finally found the characteristics of the number and the live object certificate in the left-throw-throwing print of a suspect. In front of evidence, the suspect can only confess. Zhang Jun special series robbery, Gansu Baiyin Chain Killing case, Shenyang Yunnan car robbery … In Cui Daozhi, the mystery of a chance to be unspeakable, a "painted skin" of Zhang Zhang is torn off . This is Cui Daozhi’s portrait (photo on June 28).

Xinhua News Agency, Li He, forgetting the "God of Detective" of the "Exploration" ["Exquisite" to "Extremely"] In 1951, Cui Daozhi participated in the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, and the instructor recommended "how steel is refined" is recommended to him.

The brilliance of the heroes represented by Poew Kodin, which influencing his life.

  In 1955, Cui Daofeng selected from the army to the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department.

With the spirit of forgetting my work, he gradually grows from the general criminal technician, the first batch of specialized investigates experts in the Ministry of Public Security. "Criminal science and technology work, it is not necessary to neglect and grass rate. Treat each case, every trace, every clue, I must do a meticulous, be careful, seek truth." Cui Daozhi’s bullet, the number of fingerprints In the case of the number of things, "watching the screwdrivers", "watching scratches", the eyes and experience of "viewing people" are exceeding the ordinary people. The "Jia Wenge’s Merry Murder" in 1991 is the largest murder case in Heilongjiang, and 41 people are killed. Cui Daozhi led colleagues and worked for more than 20 days in a harsh environment. They put the gust of the criminal scene, and the garbage pile in the hospital was carefully sieved, and there was no evidence from any crime. In order to engage in clearing the case, identify the number and identity of the victims provided an important basis. Cui Daozhi accepted an interview in Harbin (photographs on June 8).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo [retreat, the old criminal police, the spirit of the old criminal police] After retiring, Cui Dao vegetation was hired to the Provincial Public Security Department Criminal Investigation Corps. At the beginning of 2017, Li Xinming, deputy detachment of Criminal Technology Detachment, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau, made a criminal case of fingerprint sample for help. Cui Daozhi has just done a cataract surgery, he has no hesitation of his task.

Because the eyes were still not recovered, he took a paper towel and wiped tears, holding a microscope, spending more than half a day after reading all fingerprints.

  I learned the truth afterwards, and Li Xinming did not go. Cui Daozhi comforted him: "It doesn’t matter, don’t think too much …" One year, Cui Daojun received the mission of the Ministry of Public Security and went to identify a problem that Shenzhen happened. On the day of the task, Cui Daozhi’s laptop backpack strap, the metal fitting was ejected to the left eye, and the white eyeball was shocked.

  But time is urgent, Cui Daozheng has not stopped working. When the son Cui Yingbin came to visit his father, Cui Daozhi has worked for three days, and his left eye was seriously congested.

Cui Yingshin forcibly took him to the hospital sewing four needles. "He is the soul of Chinese criminal police", and many public security officers say that when they talk about Cui Daozhi, they saw the spirit of forgetting my dedication from this old criminal police. With this spirit, in the five-Dabochi bank robbery, he took a magnifying mirror to look for a cluster on the wall. After a few hours, after a few hours, the clues were founded in three hema fibers, providing an important evidence for the successful detection of the case.

  With this spirit, in 70 years old, he ran three scenes three days. It took more than 2,000 kilometers. The on-site investigation was over. He was directly sent to the hospital due to blood pressure. The confession] "There is no Chinese Communist Party, there is no today. I always feel grateful, don’t forget the joy, only endless loyalty to the party.

"This is the confession of Cui Daozhi for a lifetime. In 1934, Cui Daozhi was born in Hailong County, Heilong County, Jilin Province.

  He didn’t have a father at the age of 4, and he didn’t have a mother at 6 years old. Grandpa has worked hard to pull him.

The ancestors often eat can’t eat.

Let the grandfather who have a good life, and the tears flies in Cui Daozi.

  After the liberation of Northeast, the fate of this bitter child has changed.

In 1951, 17-year-old Cui Daozhi joined the Chinese People’s Volunteers, and two years later joined the Communist Party of China.

  "I have a old party member with nearly 70 years old.

I joined the party organization, it is to give everything for the party and the people, which has never changed so many years.

"Cui Daozhi won the national public security technology to achieve a prize for 400,000 yuan.

This money did not stay a penny, gave the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau added equipment, but also purchased the appraisal equipment donated brothers and municipal public security organs.

  However, he is extremely low for his life.

A bottle of mineral water plus a few bread, you can work in the laboratory.

In addition to the training weakers in a faded, it will always be a few pieces. "In his opinion, it is enough to eat full, and the rest is the country." Son Cui Yingbin said. In Harbin old apartment room, Cui Daozhi is in conducting trace testing experiments (photographs on June 8).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo [hero’s next year, strong heart] Since retired, Cui Daozhi has always worked in the criminal investigation. Every year, the Ministry of Public Security, Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department has repeatedly toned him to participate in the investigation of difficult cases.

  After retirement, Cui Daozhi and colleagues studied "Spring Tag Traces Automatic Identification System" passed the identification of miniatte experts.

The "Templates" and "bullets" and "bullets" in the system have been adopted by nearly 40 units across the country, and a number of guns involved.

  He is full of curiosity about the new progress in criminal technology, always learning in the first time; now, his computer operation is not lost, and even a simple animation can be made.

Today, he is in ordering the information every day, and it will make a multi-year case to PPT, leave a young generation reference; also go all out to promote the anti-non-made firearms project research.

  "I have never retired concept, work is my fun, I think every case, you will be young, every time you attack a problem, you will be young.

"Cui Daozhi said.

  In Harbin old apartment room, Cui Daozhi is in conducting trace testing experiments (photographs on June 8).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo.