Rongxian Duyu Middle School gather to add new color to education

"Our time to participate in the work is not very long, the ability of all aspects requires continuous improvement. This time we can establish a mentor relationship with the old teachers with rich education teaching experience, we are very excited and self-confident.

"On the autumn of Rongxian Rongzhou Town, Tuyi Middle School," Qinglu Project "launching ceremony, Pan Fenglian and other 24 young teachers express a common voice. At present, the party’s party branch has organized three" green " Blue Engineering ", a total of 55 young teachers have been smooth and the old teacher, and the pair is 100%.

In this fall, in order to further strengthen the training of young teachers, improve their political ideological quality and teaching business capabilities, while playing the school backbone teachers, the demonstration leadership of the discipline leader, cohesion of historical power promotion, and the county In addition to holding young teachers’ quality courses, Youth Teacher Book Design Competition, Youth Teacher Book Design Competition, Youth Teacher Teaching Design Competition, Youth Teacher Courseware Production Competition, Professional Read Share, Extraudition Development, etc. "Qinglan Project" as an important starting point to promote the history of the school, to take a bridge for young teachers, let the master, the master, the master, the teacher, the masters of the young teacher The young teacher confidence is full of dedication.

At the launching ceremony of "Blue Blue Project" in the autumn of 2021, the school issued a "Teacher Tiefinal", and Huang Zhensheng, secretary of the Party Party Branch, also gives a professional reading book to young teachers. The brothers of the backbone teacher, speaking, said that he would take the responsibility of the master, and strictly demand himself, from the aspects of teachers, business skills, and teach their teaching experience and experience to the apprentice, for the school teachers. Strengthening the improvement of the quality of education and teaching.

Teacher who participated in the teacher of the teacher said that only the art can make better soil, and since the future, he must learn the art to learn from the master, and enhance the skills of students and parents. (Reporter Lu Xiaoying correspondent Zheng Guihua Chen Yu) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Share more people to see.