Qiongyzhong optimized configuration factor resource disk live idle assets help villages

On the afternoon of December 8, Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, Huihu Town, and several villagers were busy cleaning up a piece of land in an acres.

In a few days, here will be a pepper, eggplant and cucumber, and create an all-year vegetable planting base, implement order planting, operanding, and scale development.

The murder is not much more, but in the past, it is divided into 55 copies. "This place involves 55 villagers, and their zero scattered breeds have some crops, and the benefits are not high, and they are more in a rowless state.

Wang Yuxing, the captain of the village rural revitalization team, told the Hainan Daily, after the scattered sporadic smashing, "Zero is the whole", the village will unify the lease to the quality agricultural enterprise, not only suddenly drums the village collective The money bag also allows farmers to have more taxi land and workers.

Wang Wei calcined a bill, and the land rent was 2125 yuan per acre, and the company was fixed by 40,000 yuan per year, and the company can be at least the village collective every year. And farmers have created nearly 200,000 yuan.

The place is still that, "including gold" has improved a lot, and such changes are not an example in Senu Village.

From 2019 to 2020, the Natural Resources Department used the fixed-point helper unit of Senu Village to invest more than 1.5 million yuan in the village to carry out the national land comprehensive rectification project, and achieve integration of land resources to achieve intensive land, not only let a group of cultivated land Eliminate, update the construction land execution index hectare.

"This hectare building is not easy. We plan to rely on local red culture, here to create a red education training base, and launch a batch of red tourism projects, special accompanying cereals, truly transform the red resource advantage into economic development advantages." This year In June, after Wang Yuxo, he was sent to Shengzun Village by the Ministry of Natural Resources to serve the team captain, in addition to "pick up" to promote the subsequent work of the whole country land comprehensive rectification project, gradually wake up more "sleeping land".

Since this year, the Qunhuang Village Rural Revitalization Tourism has conducted a system inquiry in the village’s collective assets, and touched a batch of idle commercial assets such as the Red Fur Dan planting base, fish pond and operating rooms. Right to pay, lease, etc. "The forest land of the village, there are many slopes, the per capita cultivated area is less than 1 mu, the building land is less." In Wang Yu, the limited land resources can also maximize value by optimizing the configuration factor resources. (Editor: Jiang Chengliu).