The US Dallas police arrested a suspect to be a death in the Chinese citizens.

  The Chinese Consulate General in Houston No. 29 news, the US Dallas police arrested suspects suspected of hurting two Chinese citizens.The website news, the US Dallas police reported the latest progress in the case to the Houston Consulate House on the same day.

On the 21st, two Chinese citizens were invasive in a apartment in Dallas, causing death and one injury.

On the 29th, the suspects arrested.

  According to the National Broadcasting Cerand Dallas Worth TV, the police learned that the surrounding residents were informed, the case sent a night, a white man trails the victims of the dog.

The police said that after preliminary investigation, the victim was taken into the apartment that night, and his roommate was stabbed.Both victims are staying for beauty.

  The police have not disclosed the suspect’s commit motivation.

The Chinese Consulate General in Houston said to the police that the murderer hoped that the murderer was punished in accordance with the law.