Tianjin 500,000 acres of rice field crab listed sales

Original title: 500,000 acres of rice field crab listed in Jinqiu October, Tianjin 1 million acres of small station rice gains big harvest, will be fully harvested. The river crab in 500,000 acres of rice is also harvested, and the yield of the mu is 80 kg -100 kg, which is currently selling listed. According to reports, this year, the rice field crab culture in our city all over 10 agricultural areas, the financial department subsidized 200 yuan per mu of core key farming area, helping rice agriculture to reduce cultured costs.

The relevant departments of Ninghe District actively helped rice farmers to expand the cultivation area of ??Qilihai River crab in rice fields to more than 200,000 mu, so that the special agricultural farming area of ??Qilihai River crab has been expanded. In the past, there were very little cultured rushed crabs, Jinghai District, this year, I actively organized rice farm crab breeding, helping farmers to open up income. Due to the rich bait, the rice field crab is extra-beautiful, very popular. The rice field crabs in our city have been supplied to the local market, and they are also sold to Northeast, northwest and other regions. (Reporter Chen Zhongquan) (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.