The city’s anti-crime fight against evil forces concluded awards ceremony held

  May 14, the city’s anti-crime fight against evil forces concluded awards ceremony was held.

Party Secretary Chen Miner, Mayor Tang Liang Chi met by the country, in recognition of the city’s anti-crime fight against evil forces advanced on behalf of.

  Deputy secretary Wu Chun-rong, city leaders Liu Qiang, Wang Fu, Hu uncertain, City Court President Li Yongli, He Hengyang City Procuratorate to participate in related activities. Chen Miner, Tang Liang Chi on behalf of the municipal government to be commended advanced collectives and advanced individuals expressed warm congratulations to the majority of police officers and men who have made outstanding contributions to the anti-crime fight against evil forces, cadres and the masses to pay tribute and sincere condolences.

After listening to the speeches, Chen Miner said the general secretary Xi Jinping met with representatives of the national anti-crime evil forces struggle awards ceremony concluded, fully reflects the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to anti-crime fight against crime, to fight in the front line of the majority of Politics and Law the loving care of police officers, cadres and the masses. To carry out anti-crime fight against evil forces, it is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee, to safeguard its people, maintain social stability and order, to achieve stability of the state, to consolidate the party’s base is important.

Three years, the city thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping Xi Jinping and the rule of law thought important instructions, fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, co-ordinate planning, strike out, severely punished according to the law, treating the symptoms, anti-crime crackdown has made significant achievements, social security environment significantly improved, people get a sense of well-being, a sense of security has been increasing.

Victory special struggle, and fully demonstrates the political advantage of the party’s leadership and advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

In this struggle, the city’s police officers and men and the majority of party members and cadres made painstaking efforts to show a high degree of conscious political stance, advocating the rule of law, professionalism, pragmatic style of work. We hope that by the recognition of representatives of advanced cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to make new contributions.

They should publicize their deeds, to create a learning hero in the whole society, the rule of law respected thick atmosphere to create a favorable environment for economic and social development of the city.

  Chen Miner stressed that this year is "Fourteen five" first year is the 100th anniversary of its founding, maintaining social harmony and stability responsibility.

The city should further enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance", co-ordinate development and security, sum up experience in the use of good practices in anti-crime evil forces struggle, a solid push anti-crime crime normalization, further promote grass-roots social management, the effectiveness of the fight against corruption and evil forces advance into a comprehensive city according to law and building a higher level of safety powerful force in Chongqing.

To carry out the combination of party history study and education, earnestly carry out the judicial ranks education and rectification, comprehensive strict control from the police party rule, the party and the people to build a trustworthy, reliable, can be assured of Political Science and Law Iron.

  Liu Qiang at the awards ceremony pointed out that to effectively improve the political stance, a profound understanding of the importance of the normalization of evil forces to carry out anti-crime struggle, the struggle to consolidate the achievements of the special, firmly establish the idea of people-centered development, and strengthen their anti-crime crackdown ideological struggle of consciousness.

To improve and perfect the mechanism of regulation to prevent the source of governance, reward mechanisms for intelligent public, playing it as early as the mechanism of punishment according to law, accurate and effective supervision mechanism of supervision, appraisal incentive constraint, organization and leadership continue to promote the mechanism, strengthen the fight against corruption system to protect crime struggle.

In accordance with the national anti-crime office arrangements for the deployment, promoting the "Top Ten" focus to ensure that anti-crime crackdown normalized first year of the tangible results of work. Take anti-crime fight against crime and political and legal work closely together to promote the development of high-quality political and legal work, and earnestly safeguard the city’s political security, social stability and people’s peace.

  Awards ceremony was presided over by Hu uncertain.

The General Assembly advanced group to the city’s anti-crime fight against evil forces, advanced individual award, part of the advanced representatives spoke at the meeting.

  It is understood that Chongqing has four advanced collectives and 19 advanced individuals were national recognition and awards.

The city of 79 group, 210 individuals as merit awards and recognition 60 "Chongqing’s anti-crime fight against evil forces advanced collective", 120 "Chongqing’s anti-crime fight against evil forces advanced individual."

  The city’s anti-crime fight against evil forces and members of the leading group of people responsible for the county, city department heads, by country, in recognition of the city’s representatives to participate in advanced. (Reporter Zhang Yang Fan Zhou Jun in particular) (Editor: pure cover, Zhang Yi).