Tai’an, Shandong: The city’s power to optimize the business environment to create a new era of modern powerful market construction new situation

In September 2021, at the optimized business environment work promotion meeting held in Tai’an City, Yang Hongtao, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee called on the city to determine the optimization business environment as a "number one project", and proposed "Any field can do good , Tai’an must have better "this hard indicator. The attitude of the Taian Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Optimize the business environment is clear, and the determination is determined, and the measures are pragmatic.

Standing in the new starting point, all departments at all levels in Tai’an City are toughness and "do not break the landlord", and the "do not break the land is not returning". Commercial environment boom, resolutely win the business environment "number one project" turned over, take advantage of the new round of high quality development, winning the initiative.

"Small incision" promotes "big reform" online government online government "Do you feel that it is convenient to make an appointment online? Is it satisfied with our business?" On the morning of October 8th, the residents of the streets in Taishan District Mr. An, came to the street government service hall to handle the business license of individual industrial and commercial households, received a particular "accompanied" enthusiastic reception. Mr. An An, who is accompanied by Mr. An is a hunting jade of the Party Work Committee of the Street Party Work Committee.

Since September 30th, the street launched the "walking process, sitting window, excellent service" activity, and the head of the streets and department director will take turns to the government service hall to carry out the "transparent experience", personally experience the people’s experience, in-depth Find out of the project, study planning processes, service optimization measures, improve the quality of government service, and continue to optimize business environments. "Where is the business environment, where the talent will go, where the fund is going, where is the project is built.

We must fully be fully a good "small two", optimize the business environment, take out our work ‘efficiency’ and service ‘sincerity’, and leave the convenience to the enterprise, leave ‘trouble’ to yourself.

"Houbao jade said.

Optimizing the business environment will start from small things.

The grassroots service window is the most intuitive feeling of administrative approval services. It is refrared behind a city business environment, especially the government service level.

"Don’t travel to the government, you can make intelligent approvals through your mobile phone, and you can see the progress in real time, it is so convenient!" Recently, in the "Thai" WeChat applet completed the taxi driver’s qualification license declaration Mr. Ma is full of new services issued by the Taian City Administrative Approval Service Bureau. The upgrade of "Thai" WeChat is the key people’s livelihood project of the Tai’an City Administrative Approval Service, in order to improve the "hand office" function as a breakthrough, this year has launched a one-on-themed service area, the help agent, cross-domain, 4 special zones such as the elderly service area, add taxi qualification, electricity transfer, provident fund principal and interest loan extraction, over-limited transportation declaration, over-limited transportation, advanced, social security card temporary loss, unemployment insurance online application , Personal application of 10 hotspot applications such as business inquiries, Taishan ticket purchase, and endowment insurance relationship.

"One thing," big or small, to polish "Thai easier" government services brand, Tai’an City Administrative Approval Service Agency efforts to resolve the difficulties of urban and rural governance, blocking points, pain points, to promote the "Thai easier" self-service terminals into the community, into the countryside, to create "general self-+" new service model.

As of now, the city deployed a total of 422 self-service terminals, to achieve full coverage of urban communities and rural regional party service center. To create a real online 24 hours commuting government, mobile government, government doorstep.

Protect the interests of national security assets, people ran out of real estate registration from 9:40 into the acceleration Tai’an City real estate registration hall to receive SMS notifications 10:25 receive a certificate of real estate, Tai’an public Zhang recently bought a second-hand housing to to permit real estate registration hall less than an hour, the red cover, gilt word documents was that he shook hands.

Doing things fail, not fast, is the most concerned about the company and the masses, and it is also an important criterion for the effectiveness of the environment.

Commitment by the last general registration time limit of 15 working days, but now real estate registration of more than 100% of the business can be a working day, finish the registration items through further consolidation, reducing handling links, streamline recipient material, Tai’an City real estate registration go on the "efficient" fast lane.

An attached registration of real estate assets, people, one holding national interests, its reform, more involving thousands of families, affecting all walks of life.

"Previously heard a friend say, to go to the bank mortgage loans and real estate center run several times, at least be one week. But now apply for a loan at the bank, mortgage registration can be submitted together with the application materials, the trip will be solved, province effort and worry. "Mr. Wang in the vicinity of the Industrial and Commercial Bank service outlets completed the registration of real estate mortgage loans, same day to get 230 million loan in a timely manner to fill the funding gap.

Bank loans and real estate mortgage registration Business Liaison Office, which is a city of real estate registration and trading center in cooperation with the Bank, to carry out a miniature "Internet + real estate mortgage Registration" service reform. At present, natural resources and Tai’an City Planning Bureau of real estate registration and trading center has established partnerships with 34 financial institutions, the establishment of more than 40 real estate registration convenient banking service outlets. Since financing the creation of the first half of 2020 to 56,171 bank branches to transact business, accounting for more than 95% of the forecast and the total mortgage business, the bank further improve the efficiency of real estate mortgage loans, to stimulate the vitality of the market for business and personal development, more friendly financial environment, and enhance the real economy enterprises and the people get a sense of.

People have been calling the government should initiate a self-revolution business environment as of August 2021, Tai’an City is a super market players have 520,000 enterprises reached 140,000, an increase over last year% and% respectively; January – August newly established enterprises more than 20,000, an increase of% …… a series of reform measures to optimize inspired Tai’an City entrepreneurial drive, vitality of the market.

September 10, held in Tai’an City optimize the business environment will promote the idea of both a mobilization, but also a work plan would be, it is a responsibility to implement will, for the Tai’an City sounded create first-class business environment into the horn.

"Current and future periods, both Taishan District accelerate the construction of the window period of strong areas, but also to achieve the crucial breakthrough in breaking the urgent need to liberate the business environment by optimizing productivity and enhance competitiveness.

"Tarzan Party Secretary Wang Ai-new optimized business environment to promote the local representation meeting, Taishan District, up and down will focus on institutional mechanisms, active service, law enforcement, policy implementation, data, information, and work style of cadres six aspects, targeting poverty, precision hair force, quickly set off a wave of optimizing the business environment.

Daiyue Party Secretary Liu Changsong committed themselves, on the basis of good municipal undertaking delegated approval of 247 items on the reduction stage, compressing time, ensure that the approval time and again Yajian links more than 20%.

Ningyang Committee secretary Bi Liming said Ningyang County will implement key projects leading cadres package security system, through on-site office, really pack a solid package, to solve problems encountered during construction; surrounding land protection, and other aspects of business and employment difficult and intensive poverty, build a positive school-enterprise cooperation, cooperation between banks and other exchange platform, providing a full range of elements of protection.

The city optimization work to promote the business environment after the meeting, September 13, fat city rushed held investment work of the General Assembly, Feicheng party secretary Mabao Wen said the fat city will control the province’s best standards, carry out checking and correcting themselves immediately at 9 all before the end of the business environment evaluation problem rectification in place.

The people have called, and there should be a policy.

A sonorous sentence statement, the cries resounding commitment, highlighting the fight Tai’an oath at all levels blade inward courage to launch a business environment of self-revolution. Planted plane trees, attracted Golden Phoenix.

Optimizing the business environment is a tough fight, protracted war. Tai’an municipal levels to firmly establish "a game of chess," the idea of the heart to a thought, an effort to make, served as a tackle tough, implement the plan, padded short board, to reverse the situation, go all out to win business environment "number one project" turnaround, accelerate the creation of market players aspire to make, so that the people satisfied with the first-class business environment for investment into the construction of Tai’an, live and work in the land, struggling to open a new situation in building the modern era of innovation and strong city.

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