Reading sharing in the library

On December 11th, in the library library in the Economic Development Zone (Headuhe District), the public is reading books. (Reporter Tang Hongmei Photo) Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Tang Hongmei) After dinner on December 11, Guo Yinghua in the Green Valley Community of High Speed ??Railway Area took a child to participate in cultural activities in the Cultural and Sports Center of the Economic Development Zone (Headuhe District). On the same day, under the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic, the Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau of the Economic Development Zone (Head River District) has held a reading sharing meeting, inviting the editor of Xinjiang Youth Publishing House. Waiting, and residents exchange good books, poetry.

Guo Yinghua’s child named Yang Pei Zeng, 10 years old, like to recite poetry, on the same day, he brought a "moss" of Yuan Mei. No day, youth is just coming. Moss is like rice, and also learn to open.

After Yang Pei Zeng, the meaning of this poem was also shared. Yang Peizeng said that as a young man in the new era, accepting the best education, enjoy the best policies, and should learn well, growing their own contributions to the country’s prosperity. After Yang Peizeng expressed his meaning of this poem, Yang Pei was highly recommended, "the main cattle of Tang poetry" made a review, and shared the characteristics of moss, peony and other plants, as well as the image shaped in poetry.

The activities of the same day not only attracted residents in the jurisdiction of the Economic Development Zone (Head River District), but also residents in other districts and counties took their children to participate.

Zhao Rijun, who came from Tianshan District, said that now Urumqi’s night economy is getting more and more rich, not only to eat and drink a happy night market, but also reading books, reading the stationary center, can choose more, enhance the vitality and connotation of the city, let Everyone feels very happy here.

Yang Wei, the staff of the Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau of the Economic Development Zone (Headahe District), said that every weekend, the stationary center will hold the subject cultural activities, including public welfare lectures, historical sharing of traditional festivals, old book interchange Through rich activities, enhance the spiritual cultural life of residents.