To do strong and excellent country-owned enterprises in the spirit of reform and innovation, we will work in the field of respective industries.

  On November 3, the Provincial Party Secretary was easy to refine Hong came to the Jiangbbrian Group research and talked with the main responsible comrades of the provincial state-owned enterprises.

He emphasized that the provincial state-owned enterprises must study in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the important speech of Jiangxi, focusing on "demonstration, death" target requirements, giving full play to state-owned enterprises, highlighting state-owned enterprises, thousands of thinking, seek development, development, promoting development, Striving with the spirit of reform and innovation, we must strive to be strong and excellent, and strive to work in the field of respective industries.

  Wu Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and Vice Governor Ren Zhufeng attended the investigation. Jiang copper as the largest state-owned enterprise and the only world 500 enterprise in our province. Yi Jinghong has always accelerated its "three years of innovation" attacking and support, and holds a dispatch meeting and in-depth investigation, helping to coordinate the work. Difficulties and problems.

On the same day, Yi Huahong came to Jiangbao Group to investigate.

Copper strips are hailed as "Crown" in the copper processing product, high product technology content, and high added value. Yi Jinghong walks into the production workshop of the copper strip, understands the product technology and market conditions, requires enterprises to target the world’s first-class, with an urgent innovation and strong transformation, and accelerate the copper plate project to expand the expansion. At the Jiangzhong Technology Research Institute, easy to refine red into a laboratory, visit condolences to introduce experts and research talents, understand the performance of advanced equipment, and observe a research results.

He encourages Jiang Copper to continue to strengthen innovation, improve the improvement of innovative revenue distribution mechanism, release innovative potential, and achieve more world-class results.

In the copper silver alloy micro-line test base, easy to refine red requires the practical application of the copper industry, accelerates the depth integration of new chains of the industry chain supply chain, helping the innovation and development of copper industries, transformation and upgrading. At the symposium, Yi Huaihong listened to the work of the "three-year innovation multiplication" working on Jiangba Group. He pointed out that Jiang Zong Group is going to focus on "demonstration, brave controversy" target requirements, and to quickly capture the comprehensive victory of "three years of innovation" attacking the "three-year innovation" to attack the world’s first-class enterprises with global core competitiveness.

It is necessary to brave the "leader" of the industry, always adhere to the development of the "copper-oriented, transformation and upgrading, multi-development, double-time" to optimize the industrial layout, accelerate green development, strengthen investment mergers and acquisition, and accelerate the construction benefits, The world’s leading copper full process high-end industry chain, supply chain, value chain, continuous improvement of core competitiveness, shaping new advantages.

We must brave the "leader" of scientific and technological innovation, tightly twist innovative "cow nose", strengthen innovative research and development, investment, and talent introduction, and accelerate the growth of innovative drive. We must be bravely reform and open "pioneer" to promote the ideological liberation, reform the big attack, open the great improvement, continue to enlarge the "coordinate system", find the "reference matter", "the world’s first-class management Action "is the development of the hand, strive to achieve higher quality, better benefits, better structure.

We must bravely beaten the "leaders" of the country and enterprises, enhance the party building, and do a good job in the team, improve the mechanism and keep integrity, promote the party’s leadership into the whole process of corporate governance, and the party’s construction is embedded in the company to govern each link, advanced The party construction culture has a good corporate culture, and has achieved new and more achievements in the new journey of building a world-class enterprise. Easy to refine Hong also put forward clear requirements in the reform and development of provincial state-owned enterprises. He emphasized that the provincial state-owned enterprises were an important force to promote the high – quality leapfrog development of Jiangxi Province, and the responsibility of the "demonstration and death" target requirements were significant. To achieve high quality leap-forward development, we will set more and more accurate measures to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to promote work and double its efforts, innovation, and double the performance. To build a national enterprise reform "Jiangxi model" strong, in-depth implementation of the three-year action of reform and innovation, improve the modern enterprise system, deepen mixed ownership reform, speed up strategic restructuring, resource integration pace, innovate business management and supervision mechanism system Promote national enterprise reform to enter the country "first array".

To prevent significant risk of defincturement, further increase supervision, improve risk management system, and speed up and improve the risks and risks, decision-making assessment mechanisms, risk prevention and control cooperation mechanisms, risk prevention and control responsibility mechanisms, firmly The bottom line of regional systematic risk, effectively improve the risk prevention and control capabilities in key state-owned enterprises. It is necessary to comprehensively from strict accordance with the party’s party, and always adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction as a "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises, and continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution Make sure the development of state-owned enterprises has always been advanced in the right direction, and strives to realize the national capital value of state-owned enterprises.

To develop a more scientific and accurate assessment system, earnestly praise the hero, give a reward, row seat, and treatment, and strive to create more first-class enterprises, headers, and accelerate the high quality leap development of the province’s state-owned state-owned enterprises. (Reporter Wei Xing) (Editor-in: Rona, Qiu Wei) Share let more people see.