Provincial Personnel, Taizhou, Taizhou workstation, listed in the four hospitals

On the afternoon of April 6, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital Lu Xiao, Taizhou Workstation, was held at the 12th floor of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Taizhou City.

Professor Lu Xiao, the party secretary of the Hailing District Health Committee, Director Tan Zhong, the leaders of Taizhou Fourth Hospital, all the middle and other middle cadres participated in the unveiling ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Aihong, Secretary of the Fourth Court.

Jiang Chanhua, Dean Taizhou Hospital, said, "Professor Lu Xiao Taizhou Workstation" was established in the four hospitals in Taizhou, will broaden the road for the development of the four hospital rehabilitation medical disciplines, bringing great benefits. Become a new milestone in the history of the four hospital rehabilitation medical development, the cooperation cause of the two sides will steamed the steaming, create more medical achievements, benefiting the people, and make greater contributions to the development of health and health in the district. Subsequently, Professor Lu Xiao and the Dean of Jiang Canhua signed a cooperation agreement.

The Dean of Jiang Canhua issued a book of "Technical Adviser Technical Advisor of Taizhou Fourth Hospital". Professor Lu Xiao and Tan Zhong Director Tan Zhong, the Hailing District Health Committee, is unveiled by "Taizhou Workstation of the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital".

Professor Lu Xiao delivered a speech, the Taizhou Workstation was established in the four hospitals in Taizhou, will improve the strength of Taizhou Fourth Hospital Rehabilitation Medical Discipline, bringing high-end, high-quality, convenient medical services to Taizhou people. The Director of the Hailing District Health and Justice Committee congratulated on the establishment of "Lu Xiao" Taizhou Workstation, and I hope that the four hospitals in Taizhou will be an opportunity to cooperate, and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital experts deepen medical research cooperation mechanism. , Continuously achieve new breakthroughs in the construction of rehabilitation discipline, talent training, scientific research work, continuously improve the level of rehabilitation medical services, surrounding the "medical combination" "integrity combination", for Hailing District Health Well Make a new bigger contribution. After the unveiling ceremony, Professor Lu Xiao took a medical studio in the fourth floor of the clinic and diagnated the patient’s patient. Professor Lu Xiao is currently the postdoctoral tutor of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, the deputy director of the Rehabilitation Medical Center, Director of the Severe Rehabilitation Medicine; Nanjing Medical University Rehabilitation Medical College Vice President The cooperation between the Fourth Court and the Provincial People’s Hospital Rehabilitation Medical Center has gradually entered the best, and the development of the Fourth Hospital is an unprecedented opportunity. I believe that the prociation of the professor will guide and help, the four hospital rehabilitation medical standards and services The ability will have a large improvement, and you can provide better service for the people of the main city and the surrounding area, contribute to the construction of "healthy Taizhou"! Related recommendations.