Sichuan Province cleans up investigations and poverty alleviation projects, supervising the implementation of the problem – close attention to the poverty alleviation project

In the late autumn, the Chinese herbal medicine planting base in Hamo Village, Yuecheng Town, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

On the industrial road of the base, the freight vehicle that came to the acquisition of medicinal materials was inconsistent. "The solid cement road, the excavator is caught up!" Base’s head of the base, Peng Gong, told reporters that this road has appeared quality problems, "walking along the road, the cement is falling off."

Under the supervision of the Supervision Committee of the Yuexi County Commission, all the county similar industrial roads have been self-examined, and this road is also re-casting cement. How to build poverty alleviation projects, directly related to the masses are not strong.

In recent years, Sichuan Province is focused on safety housing, rural roads, public infrastructure and other poverty alleviation field projects, with quality as core, clear procedures, promotion, nuclear funds, corruption, cleanup investigation, and supervise the implementation of rectification, to ensure that each Divided money to practice, spend the effect.

In response to list, one, one item, "The approval process of this poverty alleviation project is not standardized, how to ensure that the fund will not flow to other uses?" Recently, the Guangyuan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission found in the poverty alleviation project, a industrial park The construction of supporting facilities has not been reported to the above-level departments, and there is a loophole for subsequent funding.

After cleaning, the vulnerability is blocked in time. Keeping on the project, funds, since July last year, Guangyuan City Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department adopted self-examination, review, full coverage, etc., verifying more than 10,000 poverty alleviation projects, found that the approval process is not standardized, the quality of construction is unqualified, 541 compliance projects, and then fully rectify. Last year, Sichuan launched the annual activities of the province to ventilate the discipline of the province, and the layered classification was cleaned up and investigated against poverty alleviation projects. The development of the reform department cleans the project, the finance department cleans money to the direction of funding, forms a list of project libraries, list of project implementations, and payments for funds.

Township controls "three lists", one pass, one term, the whole chain cleaning of each project approval process, construction schedule, quality and capital management. This special action, focusing on the tofu slag project, urge the functional department to fully clean the project projects in 2017, and investigate the key links such as approval, bidding, acceptance and acceptance of each project, and strictly investigate the violation operation behind it, abuse To protect private privileges. As of September this year, there were more than 220,000 poverty alleviation projects in the province, 4566 problems were found, investigated 1553 illegal issues in the field of poverty alleviation projects, and gave 1060 people in Party discipline. The problem of investigation and discovery, requiring the provision of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission to respond quickly to the verification, and timely excluding the risk of integrity in poverty alleviation projects.

"Now, the" Mint Action "rectification activities in the state will focus on the quality, progress, funds, corruption in the corrective poverty alleviation project. Everyone has a clue." Recently, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Rebag County The person in charge of the Dam Town Discipline Committee was mobilized at the village conference. The county has focused on "three issues" such as falsification, dereliction of duty, corruption, corruption in the poverty alleviation project in 2016, from poverty alleviation project declaration, approval, implementation, etc. , Involving fund billion. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Supervision Committee of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Commission, told reporters that, as of now, in July, the "Ming Dish Action" initiated by the state was 24,941, involved in fund billions, and 3066 questions were found. There is no shock, no fear of the problem of unpleasant, chaotic engineering funds, etc. Double investigation of the case, inverting supervision responsibility, supervision responsibility, etc. in the process of poverty alleviation project, and there have been 11 of the relevant party organizations since this year, and 21 cadres have formed a powerful shock.

"There is no shock, no fear, no dare to rot, can’t rot, don’t want to rot.

Wang Yanfei, director of the Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, said that when investigating the corruption in the poverty alleviation project, the high-pressure situation must not relax, must resolutely cut off the black hand of the poverty alleviation field. For the problems, there is more and more affairing counties, province The Supervisory Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection will be directly investigated.

"Some poverty alleviation roads have decreased to be tofu slag project!" In Nanchong City, the clues reflected by the masses quickly got severely: Pang Jia Tianghang Masawou Village, Poverty Alleviation Road, etc., 11 related personnel were organized The intensity of the poverty alleviation in Xingcun, Yingshan County, has not reached the standard. 4 related personnel were organized … "Continued to increase corruption and style of poverty alleviation and style, especially to find road, build a house Tofu slag projects in the fields.

"Wang Yanfei requires that the case reflected in the masses will arrange special person to track supervision, on-site verification, do not find out if you don’t let, the responsibility does not seem to go, the rectification is not in place. Investigation is not the end point, but also Education warning cadres.

Since this year, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has notified the original director of the Jinyang County Transportation Bureau of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, and the former vice-vice towers of Huashi Township, Dazhou City, helped others to undertake the project and other 6 poverty alleviation engineering. The party organizations at all levels are required to conduct warning education in accordance with the people around them.

At the same time, adopting the masses to reflect the problem, media exposure, and discipline supervision committee verification and processing, the typical problems in the field of poverty alleviation engineering are disclosed, and the warning effect is continuously generated. Absorption professional power, establish a long-term mechanism "Old Township, your village’s ‘small farmers’ facilities have been repaired? The water storage capacity is?" Guangyuan City Jiange County has a technical backbone from the professional department, and established a standing project completion and completion acceptance. The team, and improve the construction management rules, allowing engineering construction, supervision, and acceptance, and other systems more mature.

"By establishing a batch of tube long-term, see the real-effect institutional mechanism, the front movement is transferred, and the poverty alleviation project has become a sunshine project, integrity project." The Secretary of the Jiange County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the director of the Supervision Committee.

The establishment of long-term mechanism has promoted the discovery and rectification of poverty alleviation project.

Sichuan played the professional advantage of auditing agencies, incorporating the construction of poverty alleviation projects into the 2019 audit plan, focusing on the deep poor area of ??the funds, and the province has established a "cross-review" method in the province, and lock doubts by data analysis Field-checking, accurate discovery of problems one by one.

"Do not test the strength of the door beam? Can you see the inspection procedure?" Recently, Zhongjian Second Bureau stationed in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Fung House Inspection team, Gaolanzhong, in various poor, farm inspection, building materials Standard, purchase channels and quality inspection procedures are all over.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous State Yiyi Poverty Alleviation and relocation The masses account for%. Ensure that the poor people "moving in, live", must enhance the transparency of relocation engineering. The state from the second bureau and other professional institutions, the state’s quality inspection, financial professionals form a farmer’s inspection team, and become a standing institution responsible for inspection and poverty alleviation and relocation of farmland. All the clues can be directly transferred to the discipline inspection supervision department. "Inspection is a normal, poverty alleviation relocation project is more secure.

"At present, Gao Qiangzhong has patrol hundreds of relocation points, promoting problems and rectifying hundreds of items." The inspection system must strictly strict, let the poor people rest assured to live new houses. "

"Adhere to the standard of ‘strict’, keep watching the right to county, the situation in the township, the village, forming a long-term mechanism.

The Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission has proposed that the information normalization of poverty alleviation projects in the county, township and villages is fully promoted, and the special cleanup rectification of the project project in the poverty alleviation is advanced.