The moisturizing mask really solves the "dry" puzzle? Experts say this

Original title: Can a moisturizing mask solve the "dry" problem? Reporter experience: There is no moisturizing effect, and the skin sensitive people don’t know why, from 2020, masks have become a must for everyone in everyday life. But with the arrival of the autumn and winter season, many citizens reflected to the reporter, the mask is insisting, but the mouth, the cheek is getting more and more. If wearing a mask is long, even the face is a bit "skin". The reporter found that there is no lack of "moisturizing masks" on the market. What is the effect? In the days to "accompany" in the mask, how should I refuse "dry Barba"? Kong Yulong, deputy director of the Dermatology of Nanjing Jiangbei Hospital, pointed out that the skin moisturizing is the foundation, but also the personal protection needs during the epidemic, not suitable for the skin-sensitive population.

The reporter experienced the "moisturizing mask" mouth and nose did have a moist and autumn dryness. Is there any product that wear a mask and moisturizing? After searching for "Moisturizing" "Mask" in a online shopping platform, the reporter found that the mask brand of the moisturizing effect is currently known as the styles, only one Japanese imported product. However, the sales of this product is good, the brand official flagship store month sales exceed 1000. Mask prices with moisturizing function are not cheap.

The reporter calculates that although the more it is more cost-effective, the price of a single piece of the moisturizing mask is about 10 yuan.

Most of the places are mostly ordinary, not equipped with moisturizing functions in 1 yuan, even cheaper.

Where is the price of a moisturizing mask "moisturizing effect"? The reporter purchased and experienced it.

The moisturizing mask is divided into "masks" and "moisturizing". The mask part of the material is a common nonwoven fabric.

However, in the middle of the mask, the position close to the nose can be inserted into two moisturizing slices, thereby generating "wet" feeling in the process of wearing the mask. Wearing a moisturizing mask, the reporter is apparent that the moisturizing effect is mainly concentrated on the lips placed in the moisturizing piece, near the nose, but it is not much to improve the dry feelings of the cheeks because of the wear mask.

On the other hand, the moisturizing effect will slowly weaken over time, really feel the wet time is no more than half a day.

According to business publicity, the effect of this moisturizing mask is 4-5 hours, but many buyers also commented that their effects can only last for about 2 hours. Experts analyzes that the epidemic prevention effect is also used to wear a mask, the main purpose is to personal protection during the normalization of the epidemic. So can this moisturizing mask really achieve an epidemic prevention? The reporter is described in which the outer mask is found that the outer mask is a normal nonwoven fabric material, and the moisturizing sheet in the end is to hydroxybenzoate and spices. In this regard, the reporter also asked the official flagship store customer service, and the other party said that the mask did not have an anti-virus. "First such a moisturizing mask because its material does not contain a filtration layer, it cannot replace the general medical surgical mask to achieve protective effect.

In addition, a preservative has been added to the composition of the moisturizing sheet, and some with fragrant styles will add spices, which may not be sensitive to the skin or allergic skin, or even hormone-dependent dermatitis may not Too suitable for use. In fact, there are quite a few people who are allergic to preservatives.

"Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physicalist, Department of Dermatology, Nanjing, told reporters that when the above crowd uses this mask with moisturizing slices, it is easy to cause stimulating reaction or allergic reactions.

In the view of Kong Yulong, such a moisturizing mask can play more about "new flowers" to the ordinary population to temporarily relieve uncomfortable feelings. I want to solve the wearing mask at all, the skin care is the most important.

Kong Yulong reminded that as long as the skin moisturizing is done, even if wearing a mask, the risk of drying or "poppox" will also decrease. (Reporter Lu Yanlin).