The party committee of the Tibet Military Region is fully committed to the winter security of the frontier defense

  "The new bar housing is advanced, the supporting guarantee facilities are complete, the indoor temperature is always above 15 ° C …" "Winter station, heating is a problem." The person in charge of the station, Tibet, Shigati Military Division, Gangba Camp, was said that the superiors were well solved for the insulation cumings of them to solve this problem. According to reports, in order to do a good job in the winter security of the frontier, the Party Committee of the Tibet Military Region is based on the preliminary research, and the troops are developing a solution. In response to the security problems faced by the Snow Fengshan plateau, they will improve their safeguards from the scientific revision of oil, the scientific revision of the oil, the scientific revision of the oil, the scientific amendment, and the local power sector will be coordinated. A powerful patch is incorporated into the overall planning of the National Grid and continues to promote the construction of logistics. On this basis, they further optimize the service to install the oxygen device for the station point. A duty point of more than 5,300 meters altitude, the patrolled returning Northern Tian Haisheng passed the mobile phone and family video. "Changming electricity, the communication network covers the camp area, the Snow Sea Lonely Should no longer lonely." Tian Haisheng said.

  "Warm equipment is online, fresh vegetables self-sufficient" "Ying area has gym, military camp sing, life entertainment is more rich …… The" warm heart "of the superior party committee, and 10 years old The Grade Military General Hu Qiu Shu said: "Winter is guaranteed for more than a year, and everyone is more comfortable!"