Under the kind of "get rich potato" Harvest New Hope

  Early autumn, Wulanchabu Siziwangqi Heihe Taiping Township Village precocious group of potato has entered the harvest period.

Back and forth in large-scale agricultural fields, rolling out from the land of potatoes and even became a section of the "Golden Ribbon", farmers are tilling the soil on the ridge, picking, loading, not far from the truck ready to go, this is about full bags of "Golden Peas" bound for Wuhan.

  This year, Siziwangqi is determined to revitalize the national focus on helping rural flag, as the largest flag in conjunction with farming Wulanchabu potato industry is one of the leading industries of the flag, the whole flag potato acreage stable at around 60 acres, potato seed breeding base stabilized at around 30 acres.

  To potato industry rapid development, small-scale production mode to overcome a one, the development of large-scale cultivation is the key.

Siziwangqi committee, government organizations the ability to raise as effective measure rural revitalization, actively support and guide the development of agricultural cooperatives. Strengthen the degree of co-operative between the farmers and herdsmen and leading enterprises, cooperatives or companies established by risk-sharing benefit sharing interests of the Commonwealth, which greatly promoted the farmers and herdsmen get rich.

  Siziwangqi Hongyu potato cooperatives is one of them, according to manager Li Yaping introduction, the cooperative has taken orders for planting, agricultural centralized purchasing, centralized sales of potato mode, but also increase the number of revenue at the same time ensure the quality of the potato.

Cooperatives by promoting high-tech cultivation techniques, to guide farmers adopt standardized production and efficient water-saving technology, further cost savings planting, farmers played a significant role in promoting.

2018 to date, a total of promoting cooperatives 9000 acres of arable land transfer, the development of local potato growers planted 105 acres of 10,000, the average yield of up to 8,000 pounds of potatoes exported to Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places, driven cooperation growers per acre per year benefit of around 1,000 yuan. "We are not only selling potatoes to make money, to the harvest, the cooperative has hired us to collect picking potatoes in the ground inside work chat, not too hard, but also to earn 300 dollars a day of it." Effort to speak, potato farmers pick up the hand did not stop, "you see, they installed a bag of.

"Employed as agricultural workers, which is another way of potato growing industry led farmers’ income.

In the potato harvest period, the cooperative hired surrounding the village to pick up potato farmer and loading, there is an average of the daily wages of 300 yuan, a world harvest of more than 40 years, it is not a small income. Food to species first. Promote the development of the potato industry to a "fast track", potato seed breeding system is a vital part. Siziwangqi based on their own advantages, plus the introduction of Inner Mongolia Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd., to promote development of potato breeding system. Into virus-free seedling production areas in Inner Mongolia Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Canada, Zhu Zhu Potato Shoot neatly arranged in the sterile workshop, which is the "first step" potato life. Staff sterilized, cutting and other processes, completed from tissue culture, original seed production to the original species, the construction of seed breeding system of a seed multiplication. Currently, the company continued to increase research investment, to achieve a seed intelligent, industrialized, standardized production, the annual production of 50 million Potato Shoot, original seed 100 million, the original species of 50,000 tons, one kind potato million tons sold in Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang and other places.

  Potato science and technology, also rich peasants. Inner Mongolia-Canada Agricultural Biotechnology Co., radiating all flags rural areas six towns over 6250 households ten thousand farmers engaged in cultivation of potato seed industry, farmers’ per capita than planting seed potatoes planted potato general merchandise income of 7,000 yuan. In recent years, the company employed nearly 400 people every year migrant workers, long-term employment to 100 people, per capita annual income of 30,000 yuan; seasonal hiring 300 people, per capita annual income of $ 10,000. To solve the employment of more than 1,500 people each year, annual payments to farmers for potato production, storage, sales of all aspects of the temporary costs are 600 million yuan.

  In recent years, the potato industry Siziwangqi increase farmers’ income as the leading industry and actively cultivate, and key support in the agricultural infrastructure construction, new varieties and new technology promotion, the construction of breeding system, mechanized farming, processing, storage and marketing, the rapid development of the potato industry, more than 50% of agricultural production value of the entire division, about 45% of farmers’ income comes from the potato industry. From the past "Help potato" "subsistence potato" to today’s "potato out of poverty," "rich potato" in Siziwangqi, potato industry booming horn sounded.

Breeding, cultivation, processing, marketing …… every aspect of the overall development, display advantages, explore a industrial base, leading lead, the main drive, potato farmers involved in the whole industry chain of new ways to write high quality potato industry development a new chapter.

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