Russia plans to build a new anti-missile defense "shield"

Russia’s current "Voronezhi" remote warning radar Russia plans to build a new anti-defense "shield" in 2030, and update the warning system in the territory and incorporate the super-visual radar into it.

This anti-guided defense "Shield" will enable Russia to attack the abdomen system of missiles.

Including two partial warning systems According to the Russian "News" report, the Russian Defense is developing a missile attack warning system update plan.

This work is expected to be completed in 2030, including two new radar stations in Russia, while comprehensively upgrading the current plurality of radar stations.

The Russian Defense pointed out that last year, the Russian missile attack warning system has monitored more than 90 domestic and international ballistic missiles and rocket launch activities.

At present, major countries are developing and establishing a missile attack warning system.

This system can make an early warning at the beginning of the enemy to launch missile attacks, and take counterattack measures to win the time. Russian military experts said that creating a missile attack warning system is to explore the ballistic missile, remote cruise missile, and space goals such as Russia.

This early warning system includes a beete early warning satellite and a terrestrial warning radar system.

At present, the ground warning radar system has covered all missiles.

Taking ground warning radar is currently at present, Russian ground warning radar system is mainly "Voronezhi" remote warning radar, and there are 7 radars in Russia in the preparation of duty. "Voronezi" remote warning radar is 3 models in different wavelengths, respectively, "Warone Ki -M" (working in the rice wave section), "Warorn-DM" (working in a positive wave section) and "Warone-SM" At cm wave band).

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense also plans to deploy 3 "Voronezi" radar in the Murmansk region, Coca Republic and Sevastopol, deploying a "Yehro" radar station in Hull Cape, this is "Voronezh "Radar upgrade version. These radars have a detection distance of 6,000 kilometers. In addition to the "Vorone Ni" radar, the Russian army also plans to equip 4 "container" super-visual radar, deployed in the strategic direction of Russia, eastern, northwest and southern.

This radar can find and track the stealth aircraft within 3,000 kilometers, while discovers the target other than the horizon. The giant antenna field in the radar station consists of 144 antenna rods, 1300 meters from the entire antenna, 200 meters wide, can detect enemy missiles from 3,000 kilometers to 6,000 kilometers, and can also discover the fighters long distances and Cruise missile where you are.

The radar can be used in conjunction with the "Voronezi" radar, once the "container" exceeds the radar detects the missile emission dynamics, the relevant information is immediately transmitted to the "Voronene" radar through the data chain. The latter quickly determines the target coordinates and guides the air defense anti-guiding system to intercept the missile. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Russian army will build a "full covered radar field" in the border area, and an effective warning for missile attacks will be established in the border area. In addition, the new missile attack warning system will also include the previous generation of warning radar. If you deploy the "Dnieper" radar in the Memmensk area and Kazakhstan, the "Daria" radar and Belarus in the Cormy Republic of the Republic of Darie.

Russian media said that after this anti-guided defense "shield" is completed, it will greatly improve the capacity of the Russian army to defend national security.

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