Use "Heart" to scan life from black and white images "to find silk"

Zheng Qingsong is looking carefully.

Liu Linjie takes a day-round reading hundred he uses the craftsmanship to scan life Why choose becoming a radiologist rather than a clinician? In Zheng Qingsong, it is also a radiologist to save people. "I think the work of the radiology is the first gate of the diagnosis and treatment." In the public’s cognition, the radiologist always is in the case, often People are called "shooting". However, with the rapid advancement of medical technology, after the early 1970s, the emergence of large radiological diagnosis equipment such as CT, NM, MRI, so that the radiologist has its own "diagnostic tool", and the diagnosis and accuracy of the disease. Greatly improved, more and more clinicians have been recognized, and play an increasingly important role in clinical diagnosis.

Today, the diagnosis of radiographic images can be said to be the "Thousand Miles" of the clinician, which is the "road sign" of clinical treatment and surgery. Zheng Qingsong’s work is not easy. In the case of the clinic, many patients queued and waited for the film, and reported that Zheng Qingcong and his colleagues were not allowed. In addition, they have to receive images from the township hospitals on the remote platform, and evaluate images for those who cannot come to the hospital.

  "There are currently 28 towns to send their films through this remote platform, generally more than 500 films every day must be seen." In order to read the film in a short time, avoid the patient waiting, Zheng Qingsong sacrifice a large number of Take a break, often 7, 8 points at night, if you encounter the complexity, you still need three and four doctors to discuss. In the impression of Zheng Qingsong, a patient has made him profound. "That patient came to the left lower abdominal pain, we were suspected of being enteritis or intestinal disease through the diagnosis of imaging and clinicians.

However, CT and nuclear magnetic resonance did not find any disease in the intestine. "This phenomenon makes Zheng Qingsong and clinicians puzzles.

In order to speculate, clinicians and radiologists have conducted consultations, combined with the specific symptoms of the patient, they found that this is an ectopic appendix. In general, the vast majority of people have the appendix of the lower right abdomen, but the appendix of this patient is long. After finding the cause, the patient finally got treated.

"The patient is sick, and even if it is not common, we must also diagnose it.

"Heads of the countryside, he uses benevolence to care for patients and save people." Whenever I see patients who have never been ill, I always want to do something for them, but in radios, I can only view the condition. "When I learned that the hospital should choose a full-time poverty alleviation cadre, Zheng Qingong did not hesitate to apply for registration. In Dawei Village, Zheng Qingsong is responsible for 5 households, one of which has an eighty-year-old. Pan surnamed old man, two sons have been working outside, the old man’s heart is not good, often the pain of the waist and legs, blood pressure is also a high, there are some chronic diseases, seeing, Zheng Qingcong takes the initiative to take care of the old people. One day and night Zheng Qingsong suddenly received the call from the old man, the original old man’s legs have begun to hurt again, because it is really painful to call Zheng Qingsong to call for help.

But because the sky is late, there is no car coming out from the village where the old man is located, Zheng Qingcong Temple is going to the home of the car.

  Under the long-term care, Zheng Qingxin knows that the old man has a lumbar disc herniation, because the legs, Pan, Pan, is completely unable to walk, can only be sent to the car back by Zheng Qingsong, and then sent to the hospital for treatment.

  Until now, even if Zheng Qingsong has left Daxie Village, the old man who is in the name will often call him, "I said that it should be. We as a doctor, you can help to one Patient, my heart is actually very satisfied.

"Since 2003, he came to Jiangjin District Central Hospital Radiology, in order to remind his work responsibilities, Zheng Qingsong specially choosed a major blood vessel anatomical map of the human brain as its own WeChat avatar." I think it has chosen medical treatment. " The career is going to go unswervingly. "All the way, Zheng Qingong has gained a number of honors: 2021" Excellent Physician ", Jiangjin District Central Hospital 2019" Advanced Personal ", 2017-2019 Assessment for three consecutive years District Committee Organization Department, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau give me a job.

  In Zheng Qingsong’s view, the road from the doctor is better than climbing, the scenery is always on top, only to persistence, the more accomplishment.

Although the doctor needs to withstand extremely high pressure, if there is no love, it is difficult to stick to it, so since it is chosen, you must have a sense of responsibility and mission. (Chen Qi, Liu Linjie) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.