Shanghai has issued a rules and regulations to "kill" "not"

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai November 18 (Reporter Cheng Siqi) Algorithm Technology Application In the improved network consumption experience, the promotion of high quality development, and also produced a big data "cooked", algorithm discrimination.

Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau formulated the "Shanghai Network Trading Platform Network Marketing Activity Algorithm Application Guidelines (Trial)" ("Guidelines"), standardizing the application behavior of network marketing activity algorithm network trading platform, and draws out of the platform operator Base line. Network marketing activity algorithm application refers to information network sales of goods or services through Internet or service, applying algorithm technology implementing various automation decisions, including information push or commercial marketing to consumers, providing search results, and carries out transactions.

  In order to standardize the platform algorithm, the "Guide" proposes seven "not" and draws the compliance bottom line.

Do not use the algorithm to implement improper price behavior; may not use the algorithm to implement unreasonable differential treatment; must not use the algorithm to provide the results of the search results for its personal feature options; can not use the algorithm to make a prize sales; Do not use the algorithm to unreasonably restrict or add unreasonable conditions to the platform; must not use the algorithm to hinder, destroy the normal operation of network products or services provided by other operators; must not use the algorithm to abuse market dominance. In the future, the Shanghai market regulatory authorities will strengthen publicity and guidance, urge the Shanghai network trading platform operators to refer to the "Guidelines", establish corresponding algorithm application compliance management system, timely assessment of relevant legal risks, and carry out network marketing activity algorithm applications .

(Editor: Ouyunhai).