Shanghai Modern Textile Frontier Science Research Base was established in Donghua University

"Shanghai Modern Textile Frontier Science Research Base" unveiled Donghua University to adhere to the discipline construction as a leader, the textile science and engineering discipline continued to maintain the leading national leading, comprehensive strength entered the world’s first-class discipline, and a large number of scientific research results were widely used in aerospace, significant Construction engineering, environmental protection, etc., contributed to "Shenzhou" "Tiangong" "Beidou" "北娥".

The "Shanghai Modern Textile Frontier Science Research Base" was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and the School of East China will give full play to the role of "Textile Science and Engineering" World’s first-class discipline basic research main force, and cultivate a group of high levels. The frontier science base, gathering a group of first-class, a reasonable innovation team, producing a number of textile original results with significant scientific value, to solve the first-class research in the national textile "card neck", strive to build a national frontier science Center and scientific research base.

At the meeting, the Shanghai Modern Textile Frontier Science Research Base Academic Committee was established. Jianyong, President of Donghua University, was director, served as Director, a professor of Shanghai University, from the academician of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Chen Wenxing, as a deputy director, a total of 19 experts in textile and related fields, focusing on playing multidisciplinary cross-integration advantages.

Dear members have published constructive advice and opinions from different perspectives to further condensed research characteristics, strengthen the basic connotation, and promote textile front edge scientific research.

It is reported that Shanghai Modern Textile Frontier Science Research Base will study the frontier scientific issues of textile molding manufacturing, textile fiber, advanced textile products, green dyeing technology, intelligent textile equipment and system, etc. in the next five years. , Forming a "breakthrough basic study, leading technological innovation, lead-specific cutting-edge application" series research results, promoting modern textile subversive scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively enhancing the original innovation capability of my country’s textile industry, and laying the foundation scientific foundation for the establishment of textile strength . (Zhao Wei Zhu Yide) (Editor-in: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.