Solidly carry out the education of party history, promote high-quality development of new eras

  The National Federation of Trade Unions highlights the characteristics of union, innovation learning form, promoting party history education, in-depth employee, in-depth grassroots, deep into the hearts – solid-study education, promote the development of high-quality development themes for new era, and vivid interpretation In the history of new China, the hero model "will give all the dedicated to the party" (the old site of the red work), the people feel in the past 100 years, the party leaders’ movement from the stone gate to Tiananmen, the magnificent; from difficult workers To the factory workshop, the union cadres have fallen into the body, deep into the first line, face-to-face understanding, and realize the problem … These are the actual actions of the National Federation of Trade Unions to study party history education. Pay attention to highlighting the characteristics of union, innovative learning form, complete part of the party history education and "I do practical things for the people", effectively fulfill the responsibility, in-depth employees, go deep into the grassroots, deep into the heart, gather all levels of trade union and the majority of cadres The powerful power of high quality development in the union work. Innovative learning form, "School Party Shi Xin’s Thought" June The sharing will start around "firm belief", "loyalty to the party" "work-drying", etc. The majority of party members and cadres sent the excellent quality of the Communists.

  Learning Master, Learning History, Learning History, Learning History, this is the overall requirements of party history education education, and the realistic institution of party members and cadres in form-rich learning activities in form.

  After the central government launched the party history, the whole government quickly held the mobilization meeting, and issued a system deployment of the whole party history education, and issued a notice; the whole party group theory study center group held a special study meeting, conduct in-depth exchange, party members leaders The cadres took the lead in the topic, driving the leadership party members and cadres to actively invest the history of the party, and understand the trend of the ideology.

  In order to truly enter the brain, the whole party history learning education deepens the topic learning, in the organization to seriously study the original attention of the "Chinese Communist Party History", the form of innovation learning, the work is a color, and the work is in the class. Everyone is warmly discussed around the counseling report of the Central Propaganda Group, with the history of the school’s history; the topic of the union lecture hall is unprocated, the cadres have learned to learn the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen the comprehensive grasp of the party history. At the "May 4th" symposium, the young people read the classics of the party history and talking about the mission; in the reading competition, the old Chinese and Qing cadres gathered together, and the people of the Song of the Congress of the Congress … At the same time, the whole party history Learning education has also moved to "online" – make full use of network vectors, open party history education columns in the whole government, online "All Total E Party Construction" public account, and organize party members, group members to watch red theme film, Carry out the national staff member’s knowledge competition line aquaculture, organized the topic online training class of the whole government, so that the party history has become daily habits.

  The whole government has also established three guidance groups, and party organizations at all levels give full play to the role of the party branch, party group, and youth theory learning groups, strengthen coordination and supervision guidance to ensure high quality of the tasks of learning education. With live red resources, highlight the trainee features from the "Bing Kong Dynasty" Wu Yunyi, "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi, to the Rocket "Heart" welder Gao Fenglin … A photo records the labor model in response to the party’s call, participate in the era of national construction Style.

  Before and after the "May 1" International Labor Day, hundreds of labor model pictures were showing in Beijing’s labor people’s cultural palace, more than 300 pictures, precious physical and video materials, and panoramic models showed that the majority of labor models represented by the majority of labor. Get the firm belief and heroic gas of the new journey. At the same time, after more than 100 people, the first report will be held in Shanghai, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Jiangxi Jinggangshan, etc. after the entire government, and sends a historical footprint. It tells the true story of self-cultivation, honest labor, creative labor to the economic and social development, the most rampant, the highest labor, the greatest labor, the most beautiful labor, the most beautiful work. The Chinese work under the leadership of the party went a hundred years. In order to highlight the characteristics of the trade union, the whole party history education pays attention to the use of rich red resources such as revolutionary memorial halls, Working Histori Museum, Labor Model Exhibition Hall, organizing party members and cadres to feel historical stories, revisit the party’s oath, and conduct characteristics. From April to May, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the China Sea Employee Union has been held and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the China Labor Combination Secretary.

  A hundred years of mental blood, the excellent style of the old lilies industry.

The whole government organizes the theme publicity of "Beginning and Bearing Mission, Mission – Weide", and organizes the "two excellent one priority", and invite retired old comrades to write "my entrance story", learn publicity The full overseas leadership will pay a special party fee of 500,000 yuan before the end, complete the advanced deeds of "walking with the party". "Chinese Dream, Labor Beauty – Forever and Party Walking, Ending New Journey" – An important topic of party history education around the trade union system, all massage propaganda and education activities are in full swing: employee party history knowledge competition, speech contest Further create a strong learning atmosphere, "Party Member of my colleague around me" short video collection showed the work of the workers, the new batch of "most beautiful workers" released, 2021 "May 1" special programs jointly held and the eighth season " The big country’s craftsman, the skills, the special film joint production, and vigorously promoted the spirit of the labor model, the spirit of the labor, the spirit of the craftsman … In addition, a series of red literary works are launched.

Careful "Song of Struggle" Large Scene Sands Songs and Dances In the national tour, the whole network released "singing a heart song to the party" MV, creating a large-scale symphony song "hundreds of millions of employees to the party", in the form of small packets The grassroots first line, in-depth enterprises to carry out cultural delivery, carry out condolences for express delivery, are widely welcomed by grassroots and staff. Under the entire development, all levels of trade unions adhere to the combination of operations and self-selected movements, and promote the completion of party history education in the trade union system. For example, the Hebei Province Federation of Trade Unions launched the "Castle Party History Experts Enterprises" activities, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions implemented a hundred years of red work resource excavation promotion project, Zhejiang University Federation of Trade Unions launched "When a week worker, the body of the body is the initial heart" activity, and so on. The root base is to do practical things to work in Jiangxi for the employees. Every day to work with workers, with labor; in Heilongjiang, I will carry out the "dissection of sparrow" style in Jiangsu; in Jiangsu, the field research party built-in construction Citizen Night Classroom, Work Society … For more than 1 month, the first batch of 15 working groups of the whole government’s cadres, went to 15 local towns (streets), development district (industrial park) union and The underworld, industry unions, and intensive. The whole government cadre goes to the grassroots activities, which is one of the specific initiatives of the whole implementation of "I am doing practical things for the masses".

  It is understood that the whole party’s history of learning education has developed "I do practical things for the masses" as a distinctive feature, and play a trade union as the bridge role of the party to contact the employees, focusing on solving the problem of employees, and guide the people to listen to the party. , Feel the party, walk with the party. In the "Trade Union into Wanjia" survey visits, the whole leaders took the lead in visiting the old advanced, especially in the grassroots, craftsmen, and exemption staff and difficult workers, migrant workers Actively pass the party and the state’s care for workers. The effect of doing practical things for the employees is an important scale for testing the results of the education of the union cadres.

All always around the development of employee development, safeguard employee rights, service employees, formulated a list of projects: 3 major key projects, 13 key tasks, 39 specific practical things, pay attention to employee demand, strive to open a new bureau, break the problem.

At the same time, the full overturbation of the basic responsibility of the rights protection service, focusing the industry worker team construction reform and trade union reform and innovation, launching employment entrepreneurship services, setting up a caring worker fund, carrying out the activities of migrant workers, etc., driving at all levels Trade unions have widely practiced practical activities, and they will continue to enhance the sense of happiness of the staff.

  On the occasion of the Chinese New Year’s Day, the whole year, the generals, the majority of cadres are taking the opportunity of party history, with strong political consciousness, ideology, consciously practice the initial mission, and continuously strengthen the party building, and will learn education results. In order to promote the actual achievements of work development, effectively enhance the kinetic energy efficiency of trade unions, and unity lead the majority of employees, and strive to open a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries in an all-round way. (Reporter Hao He).