School Party History Office, Huai’an City, Huai’an District: 330 households completed the elderly modification

Zhou Tingyu showed the related auxiliary appliances after the transformation.

The Huai’an District Committee Propaganda Department is a map "There are these helmet facilities. The old mother’s life is much convenient. The old-age transformation has changed to our hearts!" Tard the advice of the old-age renovation project, Huai’an Huai’an District, Huai’an District, Huaiji Street, Zhou Tingyu The old man’s son Zhou Zheng will feel deeply.

Zhou Tingyu is 86 years old, living with his son, due to the old age, the legs are not in good end, bath, such as the safety of the toilet into a problem. Not long ago, the construction personnel of the Shuji Street Village staff and the old-age transformation project took the initiative to go to the door, transformed from the middle facilities of Zhou Tingyu, laying a non-slip floor pad in the bathroom floor, supporting the bathroom, in the old bedroom installed inner light, A key calling device is installed on the bed, but also a cane and other auxiliary instruments, which makes it easy for the elderly. Family like Zhou Tingyu, currently involving 330 households in the region.

It is understood that Huai’an District’s appropriate and negative renovation work, focus on the functional needs of the safe, health of the elderly, surrounding "Safety of the bathroom, indoor walking, home environment improvement, intelligent monitoring and follow-up, the auxiliary offer" Waiting for 5 aspects, first, the street community is discovered in the jurisdiction. After the third party organizes the home evaluation, according to the actual situation of the elderly and the physical condition of myself, according to the "private custom" "privately" Requirements, give the retrogenic plan, focusing on the elderly from the subtleties, facilitate the living of the elderly, reflecting the home and community pension, and helping the elderly to improve the living environment, reduce the risk of falling risks and home risks. Improve the quality of life of life in the elderly, enhance the happiness, feelings and security of the elderly.

Since this year, Huai’an District has completed the adultization transformation of 330 households that meet the decentralized support travelers and senior, disabled, disabled elderly, and total investment in renovation.

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