Stick to the initial efforts to promote the construction of Hengqin Guangdong, Australia

  The Party Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to Hengqin to work closely with Macao since 2009. He has given the free trade test area, the international leisure tourist island, Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao deep cooperation demonstration zone and other positioning requirements, constantly in Hengqin Development of injection policy motivation.

In the new situation, the construction of Hengqin Guangdong, the deep cooperation area is to promote the moderate multiculturalism of the Macao economy, support Macao to better integrate into the national development overall situation, and enrich the "one country, two systems" practices, marking the construction of Hengqin Development into a new Historical phases. (1) General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping guido Hengqin, General Secretary, General Secretary Xi Jinping, since the construction of Hengqi, has repeatedly launched inspections, as Hengqin Development and Construction and Promoting Macao Economy Moderate Diversification, Maintaining Port and Macao’s long-term prosperity and stability Important instructions.

In October 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Zhuhai Hengqin New District Guangdong and Macao Cooperative Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park, the initial heart of building Hengqin New District is to create conditions for the multi-development of Macao industries.

Hengqin has the innate advantages of Guangdong O’., to strengthen policy support, enrich collaborative connotation, expand cooperation space, develop emerging industries, and promote the development of Macao’s economic development.

On December 20, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly instructed in the 20th anniversary of Macau to return to the 20th anniversary of Macau. At present, specially doing a good job in the development of Hengqin in ZhuoAo, opening up a broad space for the long-term development of Macao, injecting new motivation.

The General Secretary of Xi Jinping is an important speech and instructional requirements. It has specified the direction of Hengqin, which provides fundamentally following Hengqin Guangdong, Australia. (2) The basic conditions of Hengqian Yue Australia have a unique basic condition of Hengqin located in the West Bank of the Pearl River, the southern end of Zhuhai, the total area of ??square kilometers, looks forward to Macao, and the bridge and tunnel are connected to Macao cooperation. It has an innate advantage. In 2009, the State Council approved the implementation of "Hengqin’s Overall Development Plan", incorporating Hengqin Island into the Zhuhai economy zone, clearly cooperating Hengqin as a new vector in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, in order to promote Macao’s economy moderate multi-diversity and long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao Powerful support. After more than ten years of development and construction, Hengqin’s development of leaps, comprehensive strength is significantly enhanced. In 2020, the total production value of Hengqin is 100 million yuan. It is 143 times in 2009; the total diameter general public budget revenue is 401 times in 2009; the total import and export trade has realized billion yuan, which is 33 in 2009. Double; more than 10,000 registered companies are 127 times in 2009.

  In terms of Australian cooperation, in recent years, in the fields of cross-border commuting, office, innovation, employment, and other areas, policies, and great facilitate the Guangdong and Ou Personnel and information exchange; Macao residents purchase property in Hengqin, serve Insurance, the doctor is growing, "Macau New Street" comprehensive people’s livelihood project accelerates construction; a large number of Australian-owned enterprises have accelerated growth in Hengqin, as of the end of 2020, Hengqin has 3,575 companies in Hengqin; Guangdong and Australia cooperation Chinese medicine technology Industrial parks, Guangdong and Australia cross-border financial cooperation (Zhuhai) Demonstration area, etc. Obviously, the Macao tight homework has involved in the multi-field and active results of the economic and social domain.

  However, it should be seen that the characteristics of Hengqin Services Macau’s development is not obvious, and the strength is not enough, and the central government’s goal is also gap in the target requirements of Hengqin Development. It is urgent to facilitate the development of Hengqin and Macau.

  (3) Developing a moderate new industry to promote Macao Economy is the primary task accelerating the development of new industries is the will of gradually cracking the long-term economic structure of Macao. The construction of Hengqin became an important platform carrying the development of Macao’s multi-industrial development. It is the fundamental reflection of Hengqin Development and Construction.

  On the one hand, fully considering the development of Hengqin’s existing industrial development and carrying capacity, Macao’s development conditions in science and technology research and development and characteristic advantage industries. Through research and development of encouraging industrial catalogs, focusing on the development of science and technology research and development and high-end manufacturing, medium Medicine and other industries such as Macau brand industry, Wenxue Exhibition trade, modern finance, etc. On the other hand, through strengthening of special support policies for cooperative district companies, talents, finance, etc., such as, reducing corporate income tax on a partner-based tax rate, and working in the cooperative area Talents and shortage talents, their personal income taxes are exempted, supporting China-Portuguese-speaking national financial services platform, carrying out cross-border RMB settlement business, etc., focusing on domestic and foreign technology, talents, capital agglomeration, Multi-diverse development provides feature support. (4) Building a new home in the construction of a living in Macao’s residents is an important concern to create a new home environment in Macau, meeting Macao’s residents to expand their business employment space, is an important manifestation that actively responds to the concerns of Macao residents, will also be Macao residents to touch Get, new changes in new changes.

  In terms of the employment of Macao residents, the tax difference between Macau and Hengqin is shared, and the individual income tax of Macao’s personal income tax is exempt from the Macao tax burden. This is to attract more Macao’s residents to the hometown of Hesheng Entrepreneurs. Positive. In addition, it is recognized by the professional talents in the field of Macau, and the high level creates Hengqin Macau Youth Genre Valley and China Portuguese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, promoting the Macao Youth of the Cooperative District Innovation and Employment Employment Enjoy the support policy two places. . This provides new carrier new opportunities for Macao youth innovation and expand your career development space. In terms of convenient Macao residents, accelerate the construction of "Macau New Street", connect the Macao people’s livelihood public service and social security system, promote Hengqin and Macao community governance and service integration development, promote infrastructure interconnection, etc., will be a resident of Macau It provides great convenience conditions to Hengqin life.

  (5) Building a new system for the high level of Macau integration is a key to Macao’s recognized open trade and investment system in Macau, which is both a gap and a docking target.

Hengqin only constructs a new way to work with high-level openness integration with Macau, in order to work out a new road for the depth of Guangdong.

At the fundamentally, it is necessary to promote rules, mechanism docking, maximum convenience flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow, etc., and better play the unique advantages of Macao Contact communication world. In terms of goods, people flow, set the "first line" "second-wire" differentiation management.

It is set to "first line" between Hengqin and Macau. It is set to "second" between Hengqin and the Mainland.

The goods "first line" let go, promote the convenient flow of the goods in Hengqin and Macau, "second-line" to manage, the Hengqin is equivalent to "outside the country".

The personnel enter and exit "first-line" management, implement cooperation inspection, one release customs clearance mode, continuous improvement of customs clearance level, providing convenience of Macao’s residents to Hengqin employment life, "second line" is not restricted.

  In addition, in cross-border financial management, we will increase policy innovation, and promote the high opening of financial market in Hengqin; implement market access commitment to enter, develop special measures to relax market access to market access, and promote high convenience Market access system; promote international Internet data cross-border security and orderly flow, and actively develop channels for information sharing.

  (6) Weiferous Guangdong Australia to build a new system for sharing the sharing of co-management sharing is the largest system guarantee design to implement a suitable efficient development and construction management system is an important guarantee.

Guangdong and Australia jointly formed the cooperation area management committee, the cooperation area management committee was established, the main person in charge of the Executive Committee was appointed by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, to establish a local management, establishment of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government Police Station, establishing a benefit The sharing mechanism promotes the establishment of a new system for the establishment of Guangdong and Australia, which is a major system breakthrough and is a major system innovation in the construction of cooperation areas.

We must play the "one country, two systems" system advantages, through higher-specific management, more intensive implementation, to a greater income share, forming powerful cooperation in Guangdong and Macao in promoting cooperative district construction, ensuring Hengqin Development and Construction A new breakthrough is achieved, realizing a new leap.

(Source: "Guangming Daily").