Three express companies in Nanjing sealing area stopped operation

Original title: The distribution center of the three express delivery companies in Nanjing sealing area stopped operations that were influenced by Nanjing new crown pneumonia, and citizens may have a delay. On August 2, Nanjing Postal Administration issued the "Consumption Tips (5)" on the recent Nanjing delivery service, saying that the three brands of the Yulong, the Hundred, and the total rabbit were stopped in the partition center in the sealing area. Ability is affected by a certain degree. In the consumption tips, given the actual situation of the epidemic prevention and control, continue to post delivery service consumption tips: First, the streets of Jiangning District are closed, located in Yuantong, Bai, Ben, Hi Rabbit, three brands of the street have been Stop operation, these three express companies have launched an emergency plan. At present, there is a temporary distribution site in the low-risk zone in Nanjing, but due to the size limit of the site, the express delivery capacity is affected by a certain extent, and the processing of time limits may be extended; The city’s high-risk zone post, express outlets are still suspended, there is currently unable to send mail, express mail, please select proper method after receiving the post and express delivery enterprises; The "parent" in the recommendation is suspended online shopping. After the premium measures are released, "buy buy";

Express my brother’s high temperature warfare, rushing on the road, "stall" outside the community, do the best efforts to send you a necessary and epidemic prevention materials, and strive to ensure the smooth communication channel.

Due to the community control, the current express brother is mainly adopted in contact with contact, and the delivery time will be affected by a certain degree. Please give full understanding. I wish you health and peace! Let’s travel together! Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Liu Xia (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.