Select the "2020 Top Ten Big Winds" in your mind, Xinhuanet Zhejiang

Background Information "Top Ten Feng Yunchang Selection Campaign" is one of the important activities in Ningbo’s comprehensive annual selection. It is also a platform for Ningbo entrepreneurs exchange learning. The annual selection has a significant impact on Ningbo’s economic development. Barrier entrepreneurs for learning from learning.

Standing in the Bin of the East China Sea, Ningbo’s "businessman" has supported a long way to live a long-distance business, leading them a group of ordinary creators.

Dressed in diligence, sensitivity, and build now beautiful Oriental Hong Kong City. In recent years, under the inspiring of the "six-struggle and attack hard, three years of climbing", in the guidance of the spirit of the "four rows" spirit, this group of "business people" played huge energy and Ningbo’s economy The total amount of the second place in the plan, the twelfth in the country. In order to encourage more unresurors to re-ignite "East is the big sea", the university entrepreneurial passion, enhance the development of the new era of the development of the new era, the annual festival of the Ningbo Economic Club – "Top Ten Feng Yunchang Selection Activities" once again! Since the start of the activities, through industry associations, experts, readers, etc.

Through the first review of the Expert Jury, 30 candidate entrepreneurs entering the second round of selection activities will eventually produce.

The list of 30 candidates in Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, "商" official WeChat public account public notice and starts voting. You can vote through the Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, "商" official WeChat public number to vote. What are you waiting for, pick up your mobile phone for your mind, "Feng Yunhang" vote! On November 15, 2020, 12:00 on December 5, 2020, 12:00, 12:00, each ID is limited once, 10 digits per vote, and the selection is invalid. 2, the voting activities end Afterwards, it will be arranged according to the total number of votes of each candidate, as the result of the public vote.

The final selection result is 50% of the public, and 50% of experts reviewed 50%; Treatment of voting matters, if you find that there is a record of the name of the name of the merchant or Xinhuanet, please do not believe in and directly refuse, this statement; 5. The final interpretation of this vote is owned by the main office.

This selection activity is a public welfare activity that does not charge any fees to individuals and units participating in the selection. 0574-87189651 Click on the picture to learn more about the candidate.

(The following candidates are sorted by surnames).