Shanglin, Guangxi: Specialty Small Homestry Country Industry

Shanglin water source homestay.

Zhou Jiazhi took the birth of the first home and B & B, the water town is located in Daming Shandong’s half-mountain waist. Since ancient times, there is a reputation of "Spring, Xia Zhi, Autumn Yun, Winter Snow", and the negative oxygen ion content reaches each cubic meter. 20,000, far higher than the World Health Organization’s fresh air standard, is a natural "green oxygen bar". "Guests come here, I like to play in the big waterfall, the first-line sky waterfall, and then eat some farm food, enjoy the leisurely rural life.

"Mumming, secretary of the party branch of the Swipe District, Dongchun Village, Dafeng Town, Shanglin County, is one of the five people in the local area. In the past 20 years, Mingming has not only changed poor life through the B & B, but also promotes the folks to achieve common prosperity. .

Time retracted to 1999, at that time, the leaders of the Federation of Literature Art Session of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region went to the water source, and proposed a local relying on good natural scenery, developing the idea of ??farmhouse.

"What is farmhouse?" What? "In early 2000, a bit of hope, a few points, as a Communist Party member, a joint venture, a joint venture, renting a local abandoned elementary school, decoration In the 9 rooms, I started to welcome the guests. This is the predecessor of the first homestay "Summer Resort". "Because the mountain highway is far away, we call on the local villagers to organize a motorcycle team, 56 motorcycles turn to the county label, 15 money, a car, not only adding the inconvenience of the guests, and add income for the villagers." Mumming The impression of starting business is very deep.

With more and more guests of the Summer Villa, the villagers saw the feasibility of the B & B business, and they have begun to follow. At present, there are 32 people in the villagers in the villagers to do the buddhism business, the bed number is about 380, and the annual income of 10 million yuan. The above, this hill village that is originally planted in the octagical angle has achieved gorgeous turns from the poor village to Fuyu Village.