Shanghai Telecom is fully committed to protect Mars deep space detection launch

China Telecom Shanghai Company Applied "Government Enterprise High Quality Line Carrying Network (OTN)" and other high-speed networks, full of communication to protect the Shanghai Tianminbai "VLBI Deep Space Probe Control Center", for China’s first Mars detection "Day "The launch task provides high-speed transmission guarantee for real-time astronomical observation data. VLBI is an important means of deep space detection of Mars.

The VLBI of the Chinese Academy of Sciences consists of four VLBI observations and Shanghai VLBI data processing centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming, Urumqi. Shanghai Tianminbai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as "VLBI Deep Detection Command Control Center", which is "Da Meki No.1" Mars detection task, using China CVN network (VLBI very long baseline interference measurement network) is the position tracking and track determination of Mars detector, High resolution, high measurement accuracy observation data.

And use E-VLBI (electronically very large baseline interference measurement) technology, Beijing Miyun Station, Urumqi Nanshan Station, Kunming Station, Shanghai Lushan Station, etc. The ultra-large electrodes with a diameter of more than 3,000 kilometers. After the observation data passes through the sample station, the real-time high-speed transmission to the Shanghai Observatory "VLBI Deep Detection Command Control Center" for analysis decoding and related processing, accurately obtain the orbital position of the Mars detector.

Therefore, Shanghai Tianminbai "VLBI Deep Detection Command Control Center" is proposed for the data transmission of high-speed long distance network in the reliability, bandwidth of the telecom network, the stability of the bandwidth, the low time delay, fast opening, bandwidth adjustment, etc. higher requirement. As a long-term strategic partner of Shanghai Observatory, China Telecom Shanghai Company fully supports digital information construction in scientific research fields. In response to this "Day Quest No. 1" Mars detection launch task guarantees, China Telecom Shanghai Company has implemented key guarantees for VLBI (very long baseline interference measurements) through advanced network planning and design. The first successfully opened the China Telecom "OTN Boutique Special Line", China Telecom "OTN Boutique Line" in the Kunming Observatory (East Lesson Kunming), with a bandwidth of 200m, and the availability is%, and provides 24-hour emergency response and support services. At the same time, China Telecom Shanghai Company also opened Shanghai to Beijing, Urumqi used in "VLBI deep space detection" data transmission.

Telecom exchanges all kinds of technical backbone and jointly develops a personalized security plan, and organizes the Lushan Observatory on-site security team.