The struggle of the Communist Party of China and the traditional tradition: "China’s Communist Party Briefs"

Lecture: Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) Luo Pinghan Central Party History and Literature Research Institute Second Research Department, the second study department, Shao Jianbin, Wonderful view, since the 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping revolves around the party History published a series of important discussion, intention, rich in connotation, profound thinking, is an important part of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, is the latest principle of our party, focusing on the latest progress of party history research, is writing The book of "Jane’s Jane History of the Communist Party of China" is fundamentally followed. · The establishment of the Communist Party of China, bravely undertakes the heavy responsibility of achieving the great revival of the Chinese nation. Nature, object, task, power and future, the party’s ideological line is everything from actual, theoretical contact is practical, seeking truth from facts, in practice, the truth and development truth is the truth, it is our party to deeply summarize the two-way historical experience lessons Forming.

This is the fundamental idea that we want, make decisions, and do things must always follow. This point of mind and answer: 1. China’s Communist Party of China’s development history, which can be roughly divided into several development phases? A: It can be roughly divided into four development phases: 1921 – 1949, the new democratic revolutionary period; 1949-1978, the socialist revolution and construction period; 1978 – 2012, the formation and expansion of socialism with Chinese characteristics During the period; since 2012, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.

2. Why can the Communist Party of China have achieved national regimes? A: First, a mature revolutionary theory – new democratic theory, providing the revolution with the correct theoretical guidance. Second, under the guidance of new democraticism, our party has developed a series of policy policies in line with China, and won people’s hearts. Third, through the Zunyi Conference, we gradually formed Mao Zedong as the core of the central leadership collective.

3. How do I treat the party to explore China’s socialist road? A: From 1949 to 1978, the Chinese Communist Party leads the people to establish and consolidate the socialist system, and began the hard exploration of the road of socialist construction. It is necessary to see some major problems in the history of the party, neither avoid mistakes and twists and turns because of the achievements and negate the achievements because of the mistakes and twists and turns of exploration. 4. What is the characteristics of "China’s Communist Party Brief"? A: The "Chinese Communist Party is a simple history", the clamping clips, the quality, Chen Yan, newly here, clarify why the Communist Party of China "can", why "line", socialism with Chinese characteristics Why is the reason that "good" is a profound, easy-to-understand learning reading.